YMMV / Binder of Shame

  • Acceptable Targets: Many of the posts begin with a list of people that this particular post will offend, such as "LARPers," "people with birth defects," "bedwetters," "mental health workers," "Star Trek fans," "lovers of Disney cartoons" and "people that hate typos." Most of AB3's friends seem to belong to one or more Acceptable Targets group and are duly mocked by the author for it.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In Designated Hero below, some of Ab 3's less savoury traits are detailed while El Disgusto seems to personally dislike him and take jabs at him for reasons that are never explained. It's entirely possible that there are a lot of stories which aren't being told or behavioral quirks being left out. Meanwhile Weasley Cursher invites this with his own attitude; is he an Extreme Doormat, Only Sane Man or Jerk Ass who deserved to be ditched by Ab 3 as the last episode implies?
  • Designated Hero: Some of Ab 3's grievances with Asenath come off this way. He has legitimate gripes with her role as a catalyst for and participant in some of Deviant Boy's shenanigans, but most of his complaints toward her concern her "flipper arm", a physical disfigurement, and her relationships with the other members of the party. Even after he has his epiphany regarding Annoying Girl's physical appearance during a acid-induced musical sequence, he accuses the others of being hypocrites for lusting after a girl with a flipper arm.
  • Ho Yay: Biff Bam's Call of Cthulhu house rules included "the less sanity points you have, the more gay you are." He then forced everyone to strip to the waist, and enforced his rulings by physically wrestling recalcitrant players into submission.
  • Squick: Pretty much everything the appropriately-named El Disgusto and Deviant Boy do:
    • El Disgusto reached his peak when he caused the entire party to end up in Cthulhu's toilet.
    • In the first installment of the Second Edition, Deviant Boy lives up to his name by presenting fifty naked halflings chained to walls and twenty-five ribbed staves with permanent Grease spells cast upon them as the "treasure" of his "dungeon". Everyone except El Disgusto is appropriately horrified, and Ab 3 calls Deviant Boy out for being puerile.
  • Uncanny Valley: Asenath; Ab 3 says she was very pretty despite the disabled "flipper arm", but he was creeped out by the fact that she never seemed to blink.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Most of the campaigns, particularly anything created by Blobert Smith. Weasley ended up actually getting drunk while running a campaign and turned it into a Star Trek crossover. The final entry, "Once More With Filking", claims that Collateral Darren spiked Ab 3's drink with LSD while he was running their final game together, just to see what would happen.
  • The Woobie: El Disgusto's dog, Lamont.