YMMV / Biggles

  • Author Existence Failure: An epic example; Captain Johns died while writing Biggles Does Some Homework, and lost consciousness at his desk mid-sentence. That's dedication.
  • Fair for Its Day: Although some of the language and attitudes are dated, the series is no worse (and perhaps somewhat better than) similar stories from the era. Johns himself appears to have been relatively progressive for the time, being an advocate for women pilots when this was still a controversial issue (See Distaff Counterpart). Biggles is also notable for showing no sign of racism or religious prejudice; on one occasion, when he's breaking into the hideout of some Japanese saboteurs in war-torn Burma he finds himself walking into a room where a number of men appear to be kneeling before a Shinto shrine, and his first instinct is to be utterly mortified for interrupting their prayers. As for other races, while while characters are often mentioned as not being too dark-skinned for their race, mixed-race characters are generally regarded as equal to the protagonists.