YMMV / Bicycle Thieves

  • Tearjerker: The film is pretty much the personification of despair and futility in cinematic form. Antonio and Bruno suffer so many unfortunate events throughout the film that it's hard not to feel sorry for when everything goes terribly wrong for them.
  • The Woobie: Antonio. He finally gets a job to support his family, but it's taken away from him on the first day of work because of the thief. He then spends the whole of the next day trying (and ultimately failing) to find his bicycle, where each Hope Spot that presents itself to him end up being useless or fleeting. It really isn't hard to see why he does what he does at the film's end.
    • Poor, poor Bruno. By the end of the movie, after witnessing how cruel the real world can be, he doesn't have a childhood anymore.