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YMMV: Betrayal In Antara
  • Awesome Music: The solo cello in the opening music will give you shivers and put you at the edge of your seat—before you've even left the title screen.
  • Funny Moments
    • A few of the tavern songs and several of Scott's moments definitely qualify.
    • "I suppose you prefer unhatched chicken embryos instead?" "Not when you put it THAT way!"
    • "Please, sir, do not disdainfully wave my carrots, not even for emphasis."
    • The Liars' Tournament has some pretty hilarious whoppers.
      • Even better when you find out that one of them is actually true!
  • Heartwarming Moments
    • Kaelyn and Raal's meeting flashback. "RAAAAWR! GO AWAY, YOU STUPID BEAR!" A LOT of Kaelyn and Raal's interactions, actually. The warm fuzzy brother-sister love vibe is totally there.
    • Aren cheering up a sad little girl whose friend has died, by making her a shiny rainbow in midair, to show her that "magic still exists in the world." Aren, pretty much, is a walking CMOH.
    • When one of the active characters gets knocked out in combat, you get a nice little story bit at the end of the battle, in which their companions just flat-out REFUSE to leave them behind. Aww.
  • Ho Yay: Maybe it's just a byproduct of the Slash Goggles, but many of William and Aren's interactions can come across this way.
    Stop with this 'Milord' business, Aren. I make it a policy to dispense with such formalities when someone has just saved my life...
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Say what you will about the shortcomings of the engine and technology of the time, the music and voice acting are what makes this game really shine. The ambient music is atmospheric and distinctive, and while the voice acting quality varies, some NPCs and the main trio are great. Kaelyn's voice actress especially gets some nice subtle softness sometimes where you wouldn't expect. Plus, some of the sound effects (Ooh, that nice CLICK of an unlocking chest! And the music-based spell-development system!) are really quite lovely.
  • OT 3: If the above Ho Yay isn't to your liking, this scenario with the main trio also works quite nicely.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Khorus, the one-eyed, one-armed, arm-wrestling bartender in Chapter 6. "So what do I do?! I STICKS IT IN MY EYE!"
    • Gar Warren has a pretty entertaining and colorful voice actor too.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The noise the Wraiths make is kind of unnerving. They would probably be more so if the game were made nowadays, too.
    • The inside of the cave where Kaelyn's father is hiding is pretty creepy, with shattered windows (in a cave?), broken bookshelves, and magic blast scorch marks on the walls. then you find out exactly why that is... and it becomes a Tearjerker.

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