!! Book Examples
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Is Lindsay a JerkassWoobie, or just a complete [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]] with a total LackOfEmpathy?
* FridgeHorror: Okay, so Lindsay, Elody, Ally and Juliet are going to be walking around with massive amounts of guilt. Also, her family and little sister will be heartbroken. And Kent is going to be left with a [[ShipTease few hints]] from Sam, and not just much else. Let's just stick with the noble sacrifice angle, okay?
** It's also possible to interpret that [[spoiler:Juliet died as well, meaning that Sam's sacrifice wasn't as meaningful as it should have been.]]
*** Even if she doesn't [[spoiler: save Juliet, she still becomes a better person and her death may cause a change in the school's dog-eat-dog social dynamic.]]
* LesYay: Oh girl, where do we start? As mentioned on the main page the RomanticTwoGirlFriendship is really high in this book. The girls are rather close and don't have boundaries some friends would have. We can stress "Woah Lesboing out much"..."Maybe". Are actual quotes out of this book.
** During one scene Lindsey hops on top of Sam and makes humping motions.
** Sam's internal thought that Leader Lindsay agrees they can stay in. "I could kiss her."
** There's the sleepover where they dance around in tank tops and boxers with this quote, "Lindsey bends over and wiggles her butt at us. "Kiss it", Elody's response? "Maybe I will." Elody dives fo her, pretending like she's going to."
** There's also Sam and Anna having a moment getting high in the bathroom and Anna putting her head on Sam's shoulder. A scene that along with the fact Anna has a lighter shaped like a naked female torso that she is BiTheWay.
** Despite picking on her for years at this point when Sam goes to describe Juliet she often comes up with "she's pretty". She also makes similar descriptions of Marian, Juliet's little sister.
** If you thought we were done here, nope. Let's also mention the Pugs, a completely different girl posse with similar levels. Tara Flute even crawls under and into a changing room to help Sam zip up a dress she can't fit into without help.
* {{Squick}}: Mr. Daimler actually kissing and groping one of his students can set this off for some readers for quite understandable reasons.
** Sam has this reaction In-Universe when she accidentally witnesses her teachers tongue-kissing.

!! Film Examples
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Still happens with Lindsey, who isn't given as much of an on-screen PetTheDog but still to some level.
* LesYay: In the movie, the four girls are all very touchy, especially Lindsay/Sam. They call each other bae and say they belong together. Lindsay even kisses Sam multiple times. One time, this leaves a lipstick mark, and Sam sits there smiling.
** There's some of this between Sam and Anna (who is a lesbian in the movie.) At one point, it looks like they're about to kiss, but then Sam just bursts out a question about whether Anna ever feels like her days are repeating.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: Sam is a green-eyed blonde on the cover of the novel, but she's not in the movie.