YMMV / Bedazzled (1967)

  • Awesome Music: The title song, no matter how much he insists "Don't get excited".
  • Ear Worm: The two songs during the rock star segment. Especially funny is Peter Cook's deadpan delivery of the songs lyrics.
  • Evil Is Sexy: George himself as he finds ways to ensure Margaret is attracted to him, regardless of what Stanley wishes for.
    • Also Lillian Lust, "The Babe With The Bust".
  • Ho Yay: George seems to have a crush on Stanley, which is expressed by pulling metaphorical pigtails, giving the last cookie just to see his crush smile, and then, promptly sticking his tongue out at said crush when someone else comes near just to make sure his reputation stays intact. He also seems very much the Tsundere in his feelings towards God, wanting to be with him and please him but not willing to be an Extreme Doormat. Stanley is happy to have a friend in George, and well, this incarnation of God seems to be a bit sociopathic.