YMMV / Beauty and the Geek

  • Casual/Competitive Conflict: Occurs regularly with some of the contestants are more focused on winning, garnering the anger of the other contestants and the fanbase who are here for the experience.
  • Jerkass Has a Point
    • Amber in US 5 called out the Double Standard about the guys' reasoning (leading Tommy on) of nominating her, despite most of the other girls (mainly towards Leticia) doing exactly the same thing
    • Joe in US 5 called out everybody trying to prank Tara when everybody already knew that she is quite scared of horror. Even it ended caused a huge Mood Whiplash, spitting on the floor and having an argument with Randi.
  • Retroactive Recognition
    • US 1, Joe Hanson, created the webseries "Joe Goes"
    • US 3, Megan Hauserman, for her major appearances in VH1, and having a canceled reality series due to an unfortunate incident when the show is running.
    • US 5, Greggy Soriano, being on TLC Next Great Baker 1
  • The Scrappy:
    • Chris in US 2. When his team won the first challenge and got to swap partners, his bossy attitude in finding a better partner ended up getting the ire of everybody and caused him to be nominated 3 consecutive times. Later in his last episode at the Speed Dating challenge, he admitted to one of the dates that he didn't like his partner (Tristin) while she can hear him with a camera.
      • After Chris is eliminated, Cher took his place, for her attitude to winning, when everybody else left is more wanting to have an experience.
    • Cecile in US 2. It says a lot about her attitude when her partner is willing to give up the whole prize just to teach her a lesson about humility in the finale, where it's about garnering jury votes to win.
    • Amber in US 5, despite not staying that long, she caused a major part of the drama, not showing a level of passion and admitted of leading Tommy on to save herself from elimination.
      • Joe, who had a bad attitude about having his cowboy experience changed.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: US 5, where they started the premise of Beauty against The Geek instead of the usual format, which officially started at the 4th episode. Fans complaint that it goes against the usual message of a social experiment between 2 different worlds.