* AccidentalInnuendo: ''beatmania IIDX 23 copula'' is meant to refer to the Latin word "copula", meaning "bond" or "connection" (think "couple"), but English-speaking fans got a giggle out of the fact that it sounds like "copulate".
* BreatherLevel: "Elisha" on SP Hyper is level 10, but is laughably easy for one; it's an easy 9 or a difficult 8 at worst. Six versions of ''IIDX'' later and Konami has still not adjusted it.
* BrokenBase: ''INFINITAS''. Some dislike the very limited songlist (so far, it mostly just consists of songs from ''beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS'') especially in conjunction with the subscription fee of 1598 yen per month. Others are just glad that Konami ''finally'' put out a new consumer version of ''IIDX'' after six years--on a platform that's very easy to port ''IIDX'' to[[note]]Arcade ''IIDX'' games from ''9th Style'' onwards run on PC-based hardware[[/note]], to boot--and are hopeful that they will eventually expand the songlist to make it worth the cost.
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Hoshino Kanako kicking ass in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spfLnPX_Poc Answer's video]].
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: [[AwesomeMusic/{{Beatmania}} Has its own page.]]
* DisappointingLastLevel: Many players feel this way about some of the boss songs, feeling that they were designed more to fit their respective charts with less regard for track quality. "Thor's Hammer", "DIAVOLO", and "Elemental Creation" are a few such examples.
** The final unlock of ''tricoro''[='=]s "Our War of the Worlds" event, which appears to be the game's final unlock event, runs on a lifebar that is damaged every time the player plays through the game. Fortunately, the lifebar was shared by all players on the network. Unfortunately, not only was the unlock tedious, [[LevelGrinding taking many days to unlock even just the Normal chart]], but the unlock song itself, "Kyatorare Koi wa Mo~moku", is a cartoony "denpa" song that many players consider to be highly annoying, or at the least, [[SoundtrackDissonance not fitting]] as the FinalBoss song of ''tricoro''.
* DiscreditedMeme: Due to abuse, the "Himiko? FUCK THAT SHIT!" meme (see Memes.{{BEMANI}}) is largely seen as this today.
* EarWorm: Well, [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome obviously]]. The song "smooooch・∀ ・" in particular has spawned its own addictive internet meme on Nico Nico Douga.
* EnsembleDarkhorse:
** [=SigSig=] and the "smooooch・∀ ・" princesses.
** Rche, who many fans find to be exceptionally cute and feminine for [[AmbiguousGender (a character commonly perceived to be)]] a boy.
* EvenBetterSequel: While new installments are generally well-received, ''tricoro'' is seen as a brilliant overhaul of the game interface.
* FanPreferredCouple: Rche is often paired up with fellow ''Lincle Kingdom'' characters Cuvelia or Ashemu. Or [[OT3 both at once]].
* GameBreaker: On a song with scale notes, using the Random modifier to rearrange the notes tends to make the chart easier.
* HilariousInHindsight: The 2009 horror novel ''Literature/{{Another}}'', which features a protagonist named '''Mei'''.
* ItsHardSoItSucks: Half of why this game is largely inaccessible to rhythm game newbies is the harsh learning curve and the intimidating high-end charts that can scare players away from trying the game. (The other half is that the game has next to no licensed tracks.)
* ItsTheSameNowItSucks: The ''kaiden'' courses for ''PENDUAL'' are exactly the same as ''SPADA''[='=]s, much to the disappointment of many players.
* MemeticBadass: ''IIDX'' player DOLCE. has become something of an idol amongst many players.
* MemeticMutation: The ''IIDX'' fan community has its fair share of memes, from [[http://web.archive.org/web/20070629144600/http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Rislim_Remix worshipping]] a song to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evapRpwel1I "TWO DEE ECKS GOOOOOOOLD"]], [[http://vjarmy.com/wiki/index.php/Inside_Jokes and then some]].)
** [[TrueFinalBoss Himiko?]] '''''[[BlueVelvet FUCK THAT SHIT! PABST BLUE RIBBON!]]'''''
** [[StealthPun GET IT!?]]
** "Is 69 easier with Hard on?"[[labelnote:Explanation]]A VJ Army user asked whether [[LastNoteNightmare measure 69 in "Innocent Walls"]] would be easier to get past under the Hard mode modifier. Someone clearly noticed the [[BiggerIsBetterInBed innuendo]].[[/labelnote]]
** There's actually a bit of a running joke amongst certain IIDX communities in both Japan and the west that Bemani and Pepsi (and occasionally other soft drink manufacturers) conspire to create new color-coded flavors for each installment. Every subtitled style has a flavor of Pepsi (or Mountain Dew in some cases) that seems literally made for each other; it has extended to other Bemani franchises on occasion, such as Pop'n Music with ''Carnival''-flavored Pepsi...
** [[RedZoneRemixVid Red Zone remixes]].
** "[=SigSig=]" and "smooooch・∀・" have seen many parodies of their iconic videos, especially on NicoNicoDouga
** [=GentleMentleMen=][[labelnote:Explanation]]A [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW-qSW-sImY mashup]] of "AGEHA" with ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' voice clips -- primarily The Spy's CatchPhrase. Has spawned similar remixes.[[/labelnote]]
** Dai, the male dancer who prominently appears in HHH songs such as "So Fabulous !!"
** The "SOMEBODY SCREAM!" and "1-2-3-4-5-6 DO IT" samples became slight catchphrases too.
* MorePopularSpinoff: Of the three series with the beatmania name, only IIDX is still ongoing.
* NarmCharm: A couple songs are liked by the Western fandom for their SoBadItsGood {{Engrish}}:
** DJ Yoshitaka's remix of "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reb33sDF0_A Ghostbusters]]" retains the original English lyrics, but with hilariously bad pronunciation. Foo you gone car?
** "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK0FHm9LfNc Poodle]]" due to its lyrics, which are in hilariously broken English ''and'' are displayed karaoke-style in the video. A sample:
-->Walking with you on a happy sunny day\\
you know me clever more than retriever\\
Washing me everyday tidy neat\\
you know me precious dog as a dynamite\\
Believe in me\\
If it's rainy again\\
Nobody wanna cry\\
Nice cow bone you are my lover
* NewerThanTheyThink: A number of songs, most famously "A" and any of Osamu Kubota's songs, despite sounding classical, were composed specifically for the series.
* NightmareFuel: Like other BEMANI games, [[NightmareFuel/{{BEMANI}} it has a decent share of it]].
* SequelDisplacement: ''IIDX'' is so widely popular amongst ''BEMANI'' fans that it's not surprising to see ''IIDX'' players who have never played the original 5-key ''beatmania''.
* {{Sequelitis}}: ''9th Style'', the first IIDX game to use Windows-based hardware, is riddled with timing problems, as well as a GameBreakingBug in which attempting to play the song "quasar" will sometimes crash the game. However, these issues appear to have been ironed out in ''10th Style''.
** Additionally, ''9th Style'' is notorious for charts with song-ending {{Difficulty Spike}}s. While this sort of gimmick is common throughout the serious, it's very much pronounced in ''9th Style'' charts, to the point where some players [[NonIndicativeDifficulty use Hard Gauge to circumvent the 80% Grooge Gauge requirement]].
** PolishedPort: ''9th Style'' on [=PS2=], which not only looks prettier than its predecessors and runs at a higher resolution, but also doesn't suffer from the same timing problems that its arcade counterpart is infamous for.
* StopHavingFunGuys:
** Don't you dare admit that you use the Random modifier on scale-heavy charts. Strangely enough, the opposite applies for all other charts once you're at the level 10-and-up range: Don't you dare admit that you ''don't'' use Random.
** Using Assist modifiers and even just having the purple Assist Clear lamps on charts tends to draw mockery from some players.
** Averted with regards to the Easy and Assist Easy modifier amongst Japanese players, the rationale being that when you're practicing charts you don't want to throw away an entire credit from failing one, and there's more emphasis on score than non-Hard and EX Hard clears anyway. While DJ VIP Passes exist so you can be guaranteed three stages, they do cost extra PASELI on top of what you pay for one credit.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSong:
** "FIRE FIRE" appears to be a Jimmy Hart Version of "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ci1j5F7uJGI#t=14s Russian Roulette]]" by Bazooka, and it's easy to tell.
** "Round and Round" shares a lot (almost the same song, in fact) with composer Masayoshi Minoshima's earlier work, the more famous "Bad Apple!"
* TastesLikeDiabetes: Many of the more pop-ish songs in the franchise will inevitably have videos with this trait. Empress as a whole could also count as this, although thankfully it wasn't as bad as many thought it would be.
** Except for "[[JustifiedTrope I'm Screaming LOVE]]"
* ThatOneAttack: "CONTRACT" [Normal] is generally around the difficulty of a level 7 chart...right until the very end which throws a series of mini-scales combined with scratches. It is ONLY because of this part that the chart is rated a 9, making it one of the three highest-rated Normal charts (the other being "Sense 2007"'s and "gigadelic"'s).
* ThatOneBoss:
** For those clearing out level 9 songs, "Watch Out Pt. 2" is particularly frustrating, thanks in no small part to the [[GimmickLevel abundance of scratches]].
** "THE SAFARI", notorious for dashing the hopes of those trying to achieve 7th Dan and having been the final song of the 7th Dan course for many versions now. It's to the point where some players will just skip straight to 8th Dan, finding even "gigadelic" on Hyper (which by the way is rated a ''12''[[note]]more due to the ending than anything else[[/note]]) to be easier than THE SAFARI.
** "[=G2=]" on Normal is no slouch for a level 8 due to the masses of drumrolls near the end of the chart; there are plenty of level 9 songs that are easier to clear. Did we mention this is a level 8 ''Normal'' chart? Normal charts typically peak at level 7.
** "CONTRACT" on Normal is rated a 9. For the first 97% of the song, the chart doesn't seem to warrant its level-9 designation, with its eighth-note scales posing next to no threat for players who can clear 8's and 9's, save for a suspicious-looking pattern at measures 48 and 49, roughly 2/3 into the song. [[SurpriseDifficulty But then comes]] [[DifficultySpike the very last two measures]], which suddenly throw sixteenth-note scales and drumrolls combined with scratches. As a fine example of the pass/fail-score dissonance, there are players who have achieved an A or even AA grade on this chart and STILL fail it.
** "gigadelic" is a pain in the ass no matter what chart you play. Even on Normal, the chart has a few annoying drumroll sections, and an ending with repeated uses of the 7 key and the turntable, and of course a [[LastNoteNightmare Last Note]] DifficultySpike. It's also rated a 9, making it one of the hardest Normal charts in the entire series. Its Hyper chart is rated a 12 simply because of the ridiculous ending, and has killed many potential 8th Dan players, being the final stage of the 8th Dan course in every arcade IIDX version since IIDX RED.
** Most of DJ Mass MAD Izm*'s songs, which are notorious for [[GimmickLevel having extremely high scratch counts]], making them extremely difficult to time, especially if mixed in with key notes as well. In ''SPADA'', "Shakunetsu Beach Side Bunny"'s Single Another chart, well-known for a record-breaking scratch count of 667, was introduced into the Kaiden course, to the agony of many top-tier players.
** A word of advice to those playing on Double: Avoid most Double charts produced before ''GOLD''. Many early Double charts were designed with 2-player non-Battle play in mind, resulting in charts that are extremely awkward to play for one player, including patterns like forcing the player to hit the turntable and multiple keys on both sides, which is humanly impossible. The charts being designed for non-Battle 2P also means that the [=Light14=]/DPN and [=14Keys=]/DPH difficulty ratings [[note]]until ''HAPPY SKY'', Another charts did not have their own ratings[[/note]] will [[TheComputerIsALyingBastard not necessarily reflect their actual difficulty for DP]].
*** A sterling example of this is [[http://textage.cc/score/7/cheertra.html?DAC00 Cheer Train (DPA)]]; [[SurpriseDifficulty the song itself is light and cheerful, but the chart is rated a 12]] because the chart expects you to be able to frequently hit notes and scratches at once ''on the same side.'' Unless you use the Random modifier and are particularly lucky, this chart is humanly UnwinnableByMistake.
*** GOBBLE has a ridiculously difficult [[http://textage.cc/score/23/gobble.html?DHC00 DPH chart]], with patterns that just don't make sense for a single player. Despite this, it was rated a '''[[TheComputerIsALyingBastard five]]''' on the old rating scale[[note]]1 to 7[[/note]]. It say something when, upon its arcade debut in ''copula'' 14 years later, GOBBLE received a [[http://textage.cc/score/23/gobble.html?DAB00 DPA chart]] with the same number of notes but in far more reasonable arrangements and a ''lower'' difficulty rating than the DPH chart. In addition, the song has a [[UncommonTime non-standard time signature]] of 4+3/4.
* UncannyValley: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FICwXRB5Xkw Kigonshu's video from IIDX Gold]] may be found to be [[NightmareFuel more than just a little creepy.]]
* ViewerGenderConfusion: Rche. Konami knows this and deliberately keeps Rche's gender obscure, going as far as to censor references to it in [[AllThereInTheManual supplementla material]].
* {{Woolseyism}}: ''beatmania'' USA renamed the flashing "Great" mark to "Perfect", as in VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution. This makes it stand out better than simply "GREAT" flashing in multiple colors.