YMMV / Beastmaster

Live-action series

  • Anvilicious
  • Complete Monster:
    • King Zad is the Big Bad for the first two seasons. The barbarian king of the violent Terrons, Zad is the man who destroyed The Beastmaster Dar's home city and killed his father King Eldar. Zad routinely has innocent villages massacred with the women taken for entertainment and other survivors forced to fight monsters and wild animals for Zad's amusement. Taking Dar's lover Kyra as a slave, Zad psychologically torments her while lusting after her, intending to break her and make her submit to him "willingly" for the pleasure of taking away Dar's beloved. Zad also kills his men on a constant basis for petty or imagined reasons with his other crimes including trying to kill the final unicorns, trying to murder children who may one day grow up to oppose him and even murders his own sister when she betrays him for her own power. Revealed as a servant of the demonic lord Balcifer, Zad plans to assist Balcifer in his conquest of the world and the extermination of everything besides Zad's own territories so Zad can reign over the last remnants of humanity.
    • The aforementioned Balcifer, Lord of Darkness, contacted King Zad years ago and convinced him to become his agent on Earth, and gave him his first task: The genocide of the entire Sula Tribe to eradicate the only bloodline that could actually harm him. At the start of season 3, Balcifer casually kills the Ancient One and returns to check on Zad's progress, with it being revealed that all the crimes of the Terrons were at Balcifer's bequest. In the finale, Balcifer arrives in person, promptly devours an innocent woman's soul. Balcifer tries to corrupt Dar to become his new Dragon, seeing as he finds Zad to have outlived his usefulness. Balcifer then reveals his attempt to cover the world in darkness and exterminate all that lives save for himself.
  • Foe Yay: One-sided, from Zad to Dar.
  • Ho Yay


  • Woobie: Leo. He just wants friends, but he's got such a scary face...