YMMV: Battletoads

Battletoads — the Video Game series

  • Anti-Climax Boss: The Dark Queen is pretty easily defeated. In terms of attack pattern and health, she is about on par with the first boss.
  • Awesome Music: The pause music. In fact, any song in Battletoads is made of win.
  • Breather Level: Not that the final level, Revolution, is easy at all, but compared to its predecessor, Clinger Winger...
    • Much like its Turbo Tunnel predecessor, Clinger-Winger isn't too difficult once you get a knack for it. While the final third of Rat Race is extremely difficult with even less margin for error and The Revolution is going to be arduous no matter what.
    • Inverted with 2 player mode in PAL version (in which both players can beat Clinger Winger and continue the game) - in that case Revolution becomes the hardest level.
  • Demonic Spiders: In the NES version of the first game, pretty much any enemy that can kill you in one hit.
    • The sharks in Terra Tubes. They chase you constantly, can knock you into spikes or kill you in three bites, and can only be killed after an insane amount of hits.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Dark Queen.
  • Good Bad Bug: In Level 10 (the Rat Race), there is a bug that allows you to kill Giblet before the level is over, and the game will consider the level finished. It's very hard to pull off, but if you can, you can skip the third race.
  • Growing the Beard: The arcade game amped up the violence while doing away with the nerve-wracking obstacle course levels. It's definitely worth a few of your quarters should you ever stumble across a cabinet.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Pokémon series now has at least three amphibian pokemon, Poliwrath/Politoed, Seismitoad, and Toxicroak. A small-but-significant number of fans jokingly nickname them after the legendary Battletoads themselves.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Mostly Big Blag, who appears in gay fanart every now and then.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Is this Battletoads?"
    • "No, it's Doom 3."
    • When someone on 4Chan asks for the name of an anime, the common response is a combination of Boku No Pico, Bible Black, and Battletoads, leading to such titles as Boku no Bibletoads.
    • Would GameStop happen to have a copy of Battletoads? (Some people add "for the Wii", owing to Arby 'n' the Chief.)
    • Fighting Frogs, Combat Amphibians
    • The Primarch of the Angry Marines, a fan-made Space Marine chapter, drifted alone in a space capsule, which was empty save for a copy of this game (and presumably a console on which to play it). So unsurprisingly he became one angry motherfucker.
  • Porting Disaster: The Amiga version and its CD 32 offshot, though the remixed music of the latter is pretty kickin'.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The ability to hurt and even kill your teammate and the fact that if one player Game Overs, they both do are frequently cited as the worst parts of 2 Player mode (other than the whole "Clinger Winger is Unwinnable" thing.)
  • That One Boss: Karnath, that giant snake from the Arcade version can kill you in one-hit if you're playing in Co-Op (two if you're going solo). You'd better hope that you're quick enough to dodge his nasty bite attack or else you'll be out several dollars worth of quarters.
    • In the NES game, Robo-Manus from Intruder Excluder. The fact that he ignores your Mercy Invincibility should tell you enough. He also has a Goomba Stomp. Instant kill, ignores your Mercy Invincibility. Hope you got a lot of juggling practice back in level 5.
  • That One Level: Nearly every single level, but several levels particularly stand out:
    • The most infamous level is the Turbo Tunnel, the third stage of the game, which is when the difficulty goes through the roof for the first time. You ride on a hoverbike, with walls and enemies heading towards you. At first it's pretty reasonable; the difficulty curve doesn't try to actively kill you until after the second checkpoint. What gets most people is when they place several short double walls in succession, as they require consistently timed jumps, or the section near the end with a bunch of high single walls, as it requires a delicate rhythm to weave through. Of course, once you finally manage to get through it, some of the later stages turn out to be be even harder.
    • Level 6, Karnath's Lair, otherwise known as the snake pit. Giant snakes come out of the tunnels in the level, and you need them to climb to the top of each portion of the stage to advance. It becomes stupidly hard, even with a guide, because in the later segments you must drop from one snake to the next, and it must be timed perfectly or you will miss the next snake and land on Spikes Of Doom. Also, good luck on the fourth room. Thank God the second room has a megawarp, which will also allow you to skip...
    • Level 7, Volkmire's Inferno. It's basically a Shmup version of the Turbo Tunnels with your toad straddling a one-man jet. For the most part it's much easier, and it contains checkpoints, too. However, the last leg where the walls come at you faster and faster (again, similar to the Tunnels) can be nerve-racking.
    • Level 8. Intruder motherfucking Excluder. An elevator shaft from hell, with the elevator replaced with a cornucopia of pixelated nightmares. You see, every stage up to this point technically had a difficulty curve; notice how we were going easy on Turbo Tunnel and Volkmire's Inferno. Intruder Excluder throws that out the window. Every enemy in this level chops off half your life bar, and every non-enemy hazard is instant death - fans in the walls suck you in or blow you into a bottomless pit, and gas dispensers dispense their instant death gas pretty much the instant they appear on screen. It's also a Rise to the Challenge level with Ratchet Scrolling; if you miss a jump, or get hit by knockback at the wrong moment, you're dropping into the abyss with almost no chance for recovery. The boss isn't much better, since both his bullets and his insta-kill Goomba Stomp ignore Mercy Invincibility. You will rue the day you ever witnessed this level with your own eyes.
    • Level 9, Terra Tubes. It's an Absurdly Spacious Sewer covered in Spikes Of Doom, but in this case you're swimming just to make it even worse. It's littered with fish and sharks who will knock you into the spikes for a one-hit kill. The only areas without spikes have ducks that can kill the toads in one hit with no need for spikes. There are also sections where you grab a helicopter-like device and float down a tunnel full of spikes. However, what makes most people throw their controller at the screen are the Advancing Wheels of Doom, primarily for being extremely trial-and-error based and the fact that at one point, you have to make it past four in a row until you reach the next checkpoint, and, of course, so much as graze the wheel or any of the large number of spikes and you're dead in one hit. Obstacle dodging, fighting, swimming, floating, outrunning wheels... yes, this whole level is a Genre Roulette, where, at virtually any point, the 'Toads are one hit away from being killed, which is a problem as there's a lot of Checkpoint Starvation, and it's the longest level in the game.
    • Level 10, Rat Race. The first two aren't that bad by Battletoads standards, but the third race is an extreme endurance test. You race a rat named Giblet, whose pattern is running straight until he hits a wall, and then turning around. The problem with the third race is that most of it consists of beams whose openings are at the other end, then falling down to another beam with its opening at the opposite end. Since Scuzz runs faster and falls faster than you, your only bet is to headbutt him on every beam so you can push him up a little and prevent him from falling. The problem is, this requires consistent timing, and you're expected to do this nearly 10 times in a row! There are only two sections of this race where it's a zigzag of falling, giving you a chance to catch up. And even then, the second one is very short. The only way to avoid this is to exploit a Good Bad Bug mentioned above.
    • Level 11, Clinger Winger. It qualifies for two reasons: First, due to a bug, it is impossible to win when playing two players in the NTSC NES release (it was fixed in the PAL NES release as well as in the Genesis remake), meaning it is impossible to win the game unless you're playing solo (or wait for the other player to lose all their lives so you can continue on by yourself). The other reason is that it's essentially the aforementioned Turbo Tunnel (there is very little room for error), only made even harder, with absolutely no check points to boot. Oh, and you have to fight a boss at the end. Fortunately, they don't make you go all the way back to the beginning if you die to the boss. If it helps any — by pausing the game the moment you come to any turn, you can then make a near-perfect turn every time, making this level a breeze. All bets are off with a second player.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The rotation effect on the Dark Queen's Tower looks amazing by NES standards.

Battletoads — The animated series that never made it past pilot.

  • Les Yay: Some viewers found a strong homoerotic subtext the scene where the Dark Queen grabs Princess Angelica, who tries to tries to push her away even though the Dark Queen is grabbing her closer.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: One part of the episode has a surf-style version of "Havah Negilah" playing over a fight sequence.
  • They Just Didn't Care