YMMV / Battle of the Planets

  • Cut-and-Paste Translation: This adaptation also falls under this trope, due to the severe amount of editing it took to transform Gatchaman into it. The producers were only given rough English versions of the scripts, so they just rewrote the plots and dialogue as they saw fit.
    • Due to an oversight and the gap in production between translating Gatchaman episodes 1 and 2 (the latter was translated as the sixteenth for BOTP), the green Turtle King/Terrapin commander basically became two different men, with completely different voice actors.
    • The anachronic order of translating the scripts lead to other holes in the plot (such as Mark's father's fate being one notable inconsistency) or oddities, such as there being four eerily similar blonde women affiliated with Spectra (Mala, S-9, Hannah, and "Ms. Ostric") that were stated to be different characters.
    • New animation was produced by Gallerie for not only Zark's scenes, but shots where Mark and Princess would visit him, or where the G-Force team would be shown hanging out in their Ready Room. There would also be stock footage of outer space shown, with voice overs describing G-Force's trips to other planets (along with a shot of a planet).
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: As compromised this adaptation is, most agreed that at least the new audio was excellent;not only keeping the original anime score largely intact, but also added a majestic title theme.
  • Gateway Series
  • Macekre: This series is an early example of edited to hell and back anime in the States.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The space mummy.
  • The Scrappy: 7-Zark-7 bashing is popular even among fans of BOTP.
    • Andreas Tomak, an original character from the Top Cow series, is not particularly liked either due to being a flat character who only serves to belittle G-Force and butt heads with Anderson. The fact he also took away paneltime from Zoltar was also criticized by fans.
  • So Bad, It's Good: More lenient opinions on the adaptation (including those nostalgic for it) amount to this. While the voice acting and music are generally lauded, the ham-fisted attempts to explain away death, dated slang, and some other corny scripting choices haven't aged too well but provide some unintentional humor. Especially with the sexual innuendo that scriptwriters would sneak in at points (but most of the time with Zark and Susan).
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Some opinions of the Top Cow series amount to this, as Munier Sharieff employed a darker tone in the BOTP canon in an attempt to make it more like Gatchaman. Jason's personality is one of the most decried points, with Sharieff depicting him as promiscuous, disrespectful to his teammates, and more of a violent loose cannon, with his overall attitude coming off as a Character Exaggeration of the original Joe Asakura.
    • There were also fans that took the presence of "Joe Asakura" as one of Jason's aliases as a Take That! to the original Gatchaman, or as an unnecessary reference and confusing in its attempt to merge the two series' canons.