YMMV: Battlefield

  • Abridged Arena Array:
    • For Battlefield 2: Strike At Karkand. Infantry Only Mode.
      • Strike at Karkand is so popular that it was brought back for Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 3!
    • For the franchise as a whole: Wake Island. It's in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Heroes, and Battlefield 3. That's almost the entire series!
  • Cargo Ship: The first-person Idle Animation of the American Support class in BF2 has him petting his M249 SAW.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Anyone up for some no vehicles, infantry-only Strike at Karkand? Good, so is everyone else.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The theme tune. It's evolved every game, though lately it's taken a turn for the worse as seen here
  • Even Better Sequel: Battlefield 2 was this compared to Battlefield 1942, and still seen by many as the high point of the series. Any future Battlefield will at some point be compared to BF2, with similarities often seen as a positive thing.
  • Game Breaker: Numerous examples throughout the series, including Vietnam's M60 / LAW kit, BF2's dolphin diving, the post-boost pre-nerf RPD, claymores, and the G36E along with the insta-heal med packs, Bad Companies M60 toting medic class, the one-way portable walls the Sniper carried in 2142, anything involving China on Wake or the US on Karkand, and attack helicopters that can survive a direct hit from the main gun of an Abrams, Jets in both Modern Battlefield games, and in many people's opinion, the Voss / PK rocket combo in 2142.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: While not entirely game breaking, the aging Refractor 2 engine didn't handle moving Titans that well, so servers would lag when commanders ordered them to be moved, also, dead bodies would glitch through the floors if the Titan was moving, preventing them from being revived. In addition, when two Titans were parked next to each other, players on both teams would man the AA guns and spam the hanger shields to prevent any aircraft from taking off. The effects of a force field being hit also taxed the server's resources as well. Because of these problems, many servers opted to disable Titan movement, which arguably removed an otherwise important aspect of the game mode.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Several. One amusing one was that in 2, the round would end with a stock view of the Battlefield. Since none of the players were controlling their (now-invincible) vehicles, this could lead to some amusing sights, like a cartwheeling fighter-bomber.
    • This bug was apparently popular enough to be kept in Battlefield Heroes, which is based on the Battlefield 2 engine.
    • Another one, that could be considered a glitch in 2, is when a person would go prone right next to a wall or a fence. The game would allow the model to go through if the person was right next to the wall, allowing another player to shoot (or knife) the protruding body part.
  • HSQ: The multiplayer is chock-full of it, though. Let's say, pretty much everything can and will explode in your face.
  • Internet Backdraft: The announcement that 2142 would have mandatory online advertising displayed in the game did not get a good reaction from gamers. Compared to some of the Copy Protection methods employed by certain modern-day games (or even a number of contemporary games released on Steam, though, the advertising in 2142 now looks downright tame.
    • At the end, there were very few ads in the game. Except for a jarring Ghost Rider ad, other ads attempted to at least integrate with the game story. For example, Intel ads read like they were actually made by a 22nd century advertising firm.
  • Memetic Mutation: The classic BF2 habit of yelling "enemy boat spotted" repeatedly on a map with no water.
    • This goes as far back as BF1942, in which people often spotted submarines on desert maps.
  • Sophomore Slump: Battlefield: Vietnam was the lowest-selling Battlefield title to date, and is generally regarded as the worst game in the series. Numerous Competitive Balance problems didn't help.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Battlefield 2's revive ability for the medics. Some players would revive at bad times, such as when a person is trying to respawn with a different class, or at a more important location.
    • Medics often revive in the middle of a firefight, run away and leave you for death. Then they revive you again, ignoring all the enemies around and it goes on and on and on. Especially infuriating if there are snipers around. Particularly maddening when the medic and your killer are working together to pad their stats.

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