YMMV / Battalion Wars

  • Breather Level: Black Gold in the first game, Incursion in the Second.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The design of Operation Nautilus in the sequel, in addition to player-induced ones, such as this, which gets a Perfect S-Rank without the provided Battlestation on a potential That One Level.
    • How about Siege of the Vladstag, the final mission of the first game? It's the final assault, the weakened forces of the Western Frontier, especially after fending off the Iron Legion, deep within enemy territory and far from home, plus a large squad of Tundran Grunts and several Gunships, all against the defenders of the heavily fortified Vladstag, supreme HQ of the Xylvanian army. It amounts to your units killing everything in your way while the Gunships destroy everything from above, all the while Bombers threaten to blow you to smithereens, and along the mission, you have to breach all three of the large stone walls preventing you from accessing the Vladstag. And just when you finally reach the Vladstag... not one, but TWO Battlestations are waiting for you, while two AA Vehicles threaten to eliminate your air support. The resulting frenzy of bullets and mayhem is truly epic... Unless you cheese it by using a sole Mortar Vet or Anti-Air Vet to kill those 4 units.
  • Demonic Spiders: Pillboxes in the first game, Fighters and Strato Destroyers in the second.
  • Game-Breaker: Anti-Air Vets in the first game could, with minor effort, devastate anything—including the local Demonic Spiders.
    • In the sequel, Fighters gain the barrel roll ability which allows them to shake off locked-on enemy missiles. The only issue is there's no cooldown or other reason not to do this all the time. This can be especially unbalanced on the online PvP assault missions where the attacking side have fighters.note 
  • Goddamned Bats: Gunships. You generally have your own infantry to deal with the enemy's infantry.
  • Scrappy Level: "Their Finest Hour" in the sequel.
  • That One Level: Oh boy, where do we start?
    • In Battalion Wars one:
      • Bonus Mission 3. Let's see. No access to Anti-air units (Fighters) until later into the mission, the air is FILLED With Bombers and Gunships, Your Heavy tanks are Very crucial to the mission, if not for the fact they are the only things capable of killing off the A-As and Artillery bombarding your forces, and preventing you from killing those pesky Battlestations, than for the fact that the mission requires their survival. FUN.
    • In Battalion Wars 2, Their Finest Hour. To explain, you have two fighters, two bombers, some flame vets, and some Grunts. You have to use them all in conjunction, and it is hard as HELL. The map is littered with Solar Anti-Air vets and Tanks, with MG nests to boot. The Tanks and MG nests will wipe your troops unless you capture one of the two Helipads around the map, and those AA's will make short work of your Air units. Not to mention the fact that A-qira will randomly deploy a Gunship or Fighter to engage your units and probably snipe off a good chunk of your battalion if you are caught off guard. It is immensly hard to get an S rank in this mission just because of how LONG and Arduous the mission takes to complete.
  • What an Idiot!: Literally EVERY P.O.W VEHICLE PILOT EVER!!!! They are so idiotic because their vehicles are sitting in stasis RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. They could literally just jump in their vehicle and wreak havoc on the objective area, BUT NO! They'd rather wait for a Battalion to show up, rescue them, and help them out! The only time this Trope is Averted is in the BWII mission "Incursion" Where the Solar empire is smart enough to seperate the Legion Gunships from their actual pilots. Other than that WHAT THE HELL!