YMMV / Batman The Animated Series The Clock King

  • Crazy Awesome: Clock King power is his meticulous planning: As long as he plans something, that something will work. That power let him achieve a CMOA when he forces Batman, the greatest martial artist at his universe, to an stand still:
    Clock King: I've studied news footage of you. I know that it takes you exactly 1/20 of a second to throw a punch.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Years after the series ended, everyone remembered that one villain who, based on his knowledge of things timely, had memorized all of Batman's moves, nearly got him in a startlingly well-conceived Death Trap, and escaped capture by jumping off of a building, because "the 9:15 is always six minutes early!" After one reappearance in the series itself, his enduring popularity earned him a guest appearance over ten years later in Justice League Unlimited. The Clock King gained such a ridiculously outspoken fanbase on 4chan's comics and cartoons board that it's most likely what led to the introduction of a new version of the character in the comics, and possibly contributing to his other appearances before that. /co/'s power to uplift characters with dumb concepts that somehow make them powerful is truly frightening.