YMMV / Batman and the Outsiders

  • Complete Monster: Mr. Tanner, from the Wanted arc, manages to occupy a special field of depravity despite being a normal human with no superhuman powers. Mr. Tanner runs an international slavery ring, with a focus on young children; countless children are abducted from across the globe to be painfully branded and serve as abused sex slaves for years on end at the hands of Tanner and his buyers. Having perpetuated the ring of pedophilic rape and torture for years, Tanner catches the eye of one of his previous victims—Grace Choi, who suffered under his abuses for three years and is now a fully-grown superhuman—and goads her into coming back into his grasp by arranging the murder of an innocent man and kidnapping the young daughter of Arsenal to be turned into a sex slave. Tanner's atrocities are a dark reminder of similar incidents happening every day in real life, and despite being an incredibly minor villain in the long run, Tanner still stands out as one of the most realistically depraved characters in the DC universe.
  • Critical Dissonance: For all that the Judd Winick iteration of the team is disdained by fans of the original series, it lasted longer than any other run on the team.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: During Winick's run on the series, there was a running joke about Thunder possibly being the product of an extramarital affair. This did not go over well with Black Lightning fans, who did not appreciate the notion of Jefferson Pierce being cuckolded.
  • Follow the Leader: Owlman was added to the team around the time that DC's parent company released a movie adaptation of Watchmen, and his costume bears a strong resemblance to Dan Dreiberg's Nite-Owl costume in the film.