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YMMV: Batgirl 2011
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Regarding Barbara, and whether she's an intelligent and strong young woman regaining her confidence to overcome trauma or whether she's massively overconfident and not nearly as strong or clever as she thinks she is, instead blundering into situations she's not nearly equipped or prepared to handle.
  • Awesome Art: Batgirl's redesigned costume by Babs Tarr has been generally well received by critics and fans alike. It has garnered tons of fan art in just a day after it was revealed.
  • Broken Base: Ohh boy...
    • Some thought having Barbara becoming Batgirl was great, others... didn't.
    • There were people pissed at the reason Barbara no longer handicapped being a "miracle", though later in the series it is addressed fully and referred to as a neural implant, which is based on real technology that's currently being tested.
      • Plus, the first villain Batgirl faces is a deranged man named "Mirror" whose M.O. is to kill people who were saved from death by chance, thus undoing the "miracle". He might have been a Take That at the fans who thought Barbara should have stayed handicapped, though Word Of God is that much of what's been perceived as meta-commentary actually isn't.
    • Also, many people (including DC editors, before the reboot, anyway) thought she became a much more interesting character as Oracle than as Batgirl.
    • There's further breakage over the portrayal of Barbara's meetings with Batman after she was shot. Before Flashpoint, and after she had first woken up in The Killing Joke, Barbara expressed justifiable outrage over the fact that she was merely a stepping stone to get to her dad and to Bruce, and then asked if she was the joke Bruce had been laughing about with the Joker before he arrested him. Following Flashpoint, Barbara was afraid to the point of tears that Bruce was going to lay into her for letting him down.
    • There are a few camps divided over the newest direction. Some absolutely love it, and find it welcome after Simone's rather dark and grim run. Others think the new Barbara acts out of character, at least compared to pre-Flashpoint versions. Some find that the number of social media references and trendy slang to be a bit excessive. Some just miss Oracle, and think that Stephanie Brown as Batgirl could just as well fulfill this new role. Even then, most critics do seem to agree that although the book might not be for them, they do hope this new direction succeeds with its target audience.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Oh, boy, where do we start.... sufficient to say that Babs didn't had it easy from issue one, all Batman-related titles have gotten a very hard dose of Wangst from at least since Death Of The Family, which made things exponentially worse for her, and let's leave it at that.
    • This got to the point that Gail Simone decided to quit the book, because she felt that a lighter tone would be beneficial and her editor would not let her go that way. Fortunately or unfortunately, shortly after she quit, the Batbooks got a new editor, who hired a new creative team that is selling their run on the idea of making Batgirl fun. Gail Simone, while acknowledging that it's a bit of a gutpunch to quit her dream job only to have the reason for her quitting quickly nullified, has been very supportive of the new team.
  • Internet Backdraft: Gail Simone got fired from the title via email. Fans were livid causing DC to reverse its decision and reinstate her as the writer
  • Unfortunate Implications: Her newfound walking ability is summed up in this Gutter's comic
  • What an Idiot: Barbara Gordon isn't nearly as smart as she was as Oracle due to being several years younger. In issue 10, a group of security guards who are obviously up to no good threaten to call the police if she doesn't leave the property immediately while she is busy helping out a man who got caught in bear trap. Most of the bats would play along and pretend to leave while dropping a tracker on one of the guards or hiding out in the shadows. Barbara does none of those things while acknowledging that the guards were acting suspiciously.

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