YMMV / Bastard!!

  • Awesome Ego: Dark Schneider is beyond full of himself, it's impossible to not get a laugh out of his antics.
  • Narm: Many moments. One that comes to mind is when Gara is thought to be killed after nearly killing an Ede Ee (in practice, stalling him until Darsh could break out of the hell dimension he and Arshes were thrown into), and Darsh gives a passionate speech in honor of his fallen friend. Cue Gara getting up and bitching at Darsh not only for thinking he was dead, but also for the sappy eulogy.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Minor variant but the translated manga names and the English wording in the Japanese video game don't match up for some characters. For example is the one guy named Vlad Kills or Blad Kils?
    • Sean Ari or Sean Harly
    • Lars Ulu of Metaricarna or Larz Well Meta=Ricarna
      • This is all over the place, really. Pretty much everyone who translates the series seems to transliterate some of the names their own way (the ones that are Shout Outs, anyway), due to the phonetic workarounds Hagiwara came up with to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits.