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YMMV: Bassie & Adriaan
  • Nightmare Fuel: "De Plaaggeest" from the first series. He dresses up in a black cloak and a Jester mask, and always laughs manically. Aad van Toor was against the use of this character because he feared the Plaaggeest would be too scary for young viewers, but the prodcuers went ahead with the character anyway. Turned out Aad was right because the network received a lot of complaints from concerned parents after the series was first broadcasted.
  • Special Effects Failure: several:
    • In "De verzonken stad", when Bassie and Adriaan use inflatable water walking shoes to escape from a deserted island, it's obvious they are not really walking on water but rather in front of a screen.
    • In "De Geheimzinnige Opdracht", during the episode set in Germany, when B100 loses control of the boat he and Harry are in and crashes into the shore of the river, it's obvious that it's not B100 in the boat but rather a dummy.

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