YMMV / Banana no Nana

  • Les Yay: Ringo and Nana would be Heterosexual Life-Partners if Nana didn't keep saying how much she loves Ringo. And nosebleeding at Ringo's Panty Shots.
    • Ringo becoming jealous and switching to the tsun part of Tsundere when Nana imagines herself surrounded by maids counts too.
    • Ringo is brought out of her Unstoppable Rage by Nana saying she loves her. Subtext? What subtext?
      • One of Nana's Berserk Button is if Ringo got wronged. ...Let's just say this series runs on Les Yay and leave it at it.
      • The series ends with the two of them having sex (with a banana) on the moon. WHAT subtext?
  • The Woobie: The first chapter establishes Ringo as a victim of constant passive-aggressive bullying. Towards the end of it, she comes to an epiphany that her home is wherever Nana is and that she doesn't owe other people anything.