YMMV: Bad Education

The Film

The Jack Whitehall Comedy

  • Fridge Horror: When Pickwell saves the school from bankruptcy in the Series 2 finale, it is with money left to her by her German consort the Beast of Bergendorf. Specifically "the gold he stashed in Switzerland". That's right. Abbey Grove is now financed with Nazi Gold.
    • Though this is lessened slightly by Fraser losing it at all by investing it in his Dolce and Gabanter clothing range at the start of Series 3.
  • Jumping the Shark: Zig-zagged. Self Defence" changed the humour for the series, which wasn't too good, so Jack Whitehall got himself a writing partner in the form of Ben Cavey. Their first episode together, "School Trip", took out the characters' personalities for the sake of a few cliche jokes (come on, would Joe really ask "Would you rather be a boy with a dog's head or a boy with a dog's head"?) and made animals the subject of Black Comedy three times. The episode was even worse than "Self Defence", and not only did Cavey not write any more episodes, but Whitehall also threw in the towel. Dan Swimer and Shaun Pye came in, and managed to pull the show back around to Growing the Beard.
  • Memetic Mutation: "ILLEGAL, CHANTELLE."
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Pickwell is mistaken for a lad when she overdoes "it with her make-up and her suit, and her dick" to impress Mr Humpage and get a job at Middleton House.