YMMV / Bad Boys

  • Complete Monster: French gangster Fouchet never had pity for anyone and orchestrated several murders pretty unnecessarily. He is a French drug dealer who masterminds the theft of millions of dollars worth of heroin from a police station evidence lock up. To that end, he has one of his men dress up as a police officer, and then kills him in order to create a distraction. He makes off with the drugs, which he plans to sell in four days. When Eddie, who helped him set the heist up, decides to party with some hookers and a tiny portion of the stash, Fouchet kills Eddie and Max (one of the hookers), then tries to kill Julie (Max's roommate). He sends one of his men to murder Max's madame by smashing her head in with a sledgehammer, kidnaps Julie for use as leverage to try to keep Mike and Marcus away (although he makes it pretty clear he might decide to just kill her anyway, which prompts them to come gunning for him), tries to kill Mike and Marcus (our cops) several times over, kills his chemistry team for "fucking with my schedule", and murders his buyer when the police interrupt the deal. His last act is to try and force Mike to kill him, and when that fails, to pull out a hidden pistol and try to kill Mike.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: There's a reference to Michael Jordan being retired from basketball. True at the time of filming, not true less than a month before the movie was released.
  • HSQ: The movie blows up an entire airport hangar. There was also a car chase between a Camaro and a a van full of flammable ether.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
  • What an Idiot!: Julie. She was offered protective custody and refused it, insisting that she stay at Mike Lowrey's apartment. While there she goes through mug shots and identifies the people involved in Max's murder. Rather than identify them to Mike and Marcus then let the police handle it, Julie steals a gun from Mike and leaves the sanctuary of the apartment to head to a crowded nightclub so she can go on a one-woman killing spree against a crime syndicate that wants her dead; which would've ended badly for Julie if not for her plot armor.