YMMV / Baby Boy

  • Anvilicious: The movie is hardly subtle about its message. In fact, it actually opens with a scene depicting a nude, fully grown Jody in a womb as Tyrese Gibson's voiceover gives the above quote. The scene ends with Jody screaming as the womb shakes and he's about to be born, symbolizing his need to grow up and leave the nest.
  • Narm: Most scenes between Snoop Dogg and Jody's son
    • The scenes were supposed to be serious, but you know you can't help but laugh at the line, "Fuck yo fort, little nigga".
    • Also the scene where Jody and Sweetpea get revenge on some thugs, especially the part where Sweetpea whips one thug with his belt in an over-the-top manner.
  • TearJerker: Melvin stopping Jody from shooting himself by taking his gun, after seeing Sweetpea violently shoot Rodney.