YMMV / Btooom!

  • Arc Fatigue: The good guys still haven't managed to get the chips and its been over 40 chapters as of current.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The anime adaptation's opening, No Pain, no Game by the New York native Japanese-American singer Nano. The final episode's special opening, Exist, also by her, is even better.
  • Narm: The infamous Bim-Booby Bounce.
  • Rooting for the Empire: When your "Good guys" are a self absorbed NEET, and a whiny load who's only consistent characteristic is her bust size, it can be surprisingly easy to cheer for the villains.
    • This changes fairly quickly once Character Development kicks in.
    • Even before Character Development, none of those things is enough to make you want them to be sent to an island and fight to the death. The punshiment should fit the crime. And the villains toy with these people's lives for their own entertainment. I honestly don't know how someone could possibly root for them.