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  • Broken Base: Kikwang using blackface on a reality TV program and acting out African-American stereotypes. The international fandom was not pleased, with several international K-pop news outlets censoring any mention of the incident. Granted, the program was scripted, the cast was told exactly what to do, and South Korea itself didn't have a problem with it all, but several fans believe Kikwang still should have refused to do it if he could.
    • International fans are divided as to whether Yoseob's reason for defending a Girl Group member from some of the group's more antagonistic fans is either chivalrous or sexist (and whether there is a difference), arguing with each other whenever the issue is brought up.
  • Funny Moments: The aftermath of Kikwang uploading this on Twitter:
    Fans: Kikwang oppa, it’s not supposed to be BEUTY, it should be BEAUTY or B2UTY.
    Fans: Oppa is not an idiot.
    • Kikwang getting pranked by Yoseob in their pre-debut documentary.
    Yoseob: KIKWANG! That island over there is Japan! (points to an island in the beach's horizon)
    Kikwang: Really?! (shocked face)
  • Heartwarming Moments: Whenever they win on a music program.
    • Kikwang was the one who introduced Yoseob to Cube Entertainment, and Yoseob in turn introduced Hyunseung as well. Doojoon was inspired to become a singer after watching Hyunseung in the Big Bang documentary. Doojoon, Kikwang, and Dongwoon were friends while they were all training with JYP Entertainment. This means that the most of the group was already connected before they started training as an actual group.
    • "...we started to hear comments like 'Beast isn't the recycled group, but the rediscovered group'..."
    • Junhyung and Yoseob's duet Thanks To. It was written especially for the fans and is about how grateful they are for all of the support they've received.
    • Hyunseung reuniting with G-Dragon of Big Bang backstage at a music show. G-Dragon was cuddly and giggly and Hyunseung even gave a rare genuine smile.
  • Earworm: Not as bad as other K-pop acts, but there's Mystery.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Most international fans won't get it right away, but Junhyung's old stage name was Poppin' Dragon because he was known in XING for dancing and because his last name, Yong, means "Dragon" in Korean.
    • Another similar example: Hyunseung's old stage name was SO-1 has two possible meanings: wanting to be the best and "wish", which sounds like "so-won" in Korean.
    • The fandom name, B2UTY, is a play on the group's original name B2ST. Together they form B2uty and the Beast.
  • Ho Yay: The members play it up during their reality shows and during actual performances.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Hyunseung was considered this after he was eliminated from Big Bang due to venting his frustrations about it on his webpage. Presumably, he was very harsh.
  • Moment Of Awesome: this. More specifically, this.
  • Never Live It Down: Doojoon's red underwear was shown on national television. And they looked pink.
    • Hyunseung's stint as a Big Bang candidate, seeing as the group is so popular. Things have gotten better though, and it's rarely mentioned now.
    • Many instances of the Gratuitous English in their songs and reality shows.
      Junhyung: We are happiness.

      Yoseob: Car wash self customer is king.

      Kikwang: My tall is 170 centimeters.
    • Kikwang believing an island off the coast of the beach they were on was Japan.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: There are a lot, including Dooseob, 2Jun, Junseung, Junseob, Kiwoon, Kiseung, etc.
    • Interactions with other K-pop idol groups also follow this formula: MST for MBLAQ+Beast and 4Beast for 4Minute+Beast.
  • Shipping: Seeing as they play up the fanservice and Ho Yay, this was inevitable.
  • Special Effect Failure: The use of a green screen in their self-made "Mystery" MV.
    • Their Beautiful MV has Kikwang doing this when Yoseob and Dongwoon mess up their dance routine.
  • Values Dissonance: The blackface incident.
    • Yoseob's reasoning for defending a Girl Group member from out-of-line B2UTIES. In patriarchal South Korea, he was celebrated for bravely speaking out against the harassment because it is a widespread problem most Idol Singers are not willing to face for fear of angering their fanbases. To the international fans, however, his reasoning that he defended her because she was a girl rather than just because he felt it was wrong led to arguments as to whether he was being chivalrous or sexist.
    Yoseob: "I’m a man, so I can hold it in to a certain point, but that [Rainbow’s Jaekyung] is a woman. I know that she was hurt by the ordeal, which is what led me to write that Twitter post.
  • The Woobie: Doojoon was cut from debuting with many of his friends in One Day and admitted that he regrets that he didn't take his training as seriously as he should have.
    • No one ever lets Hyunseung forget about almost making it into one of the biggest k-pop groups in South Korea. After he got cut, he spent the next year living like he had no purpose in life until a friend convinced him to start practicing again. Eventually, he ended up joining a dance crew and being a back-up dancer in clubs until Yoseob brought him to Cube.
    • Junhyung hasn't said much about his time as a member of XING, but based on the fact that fellow ex-members of the group had to sue their way out of it and are barred from mentioning it, it's probably not a pretty story. He also was originally rejected by Cube Entertainment's president, but managed to convince him into letting him stay.
    • Kikwang's Name's the Same incident as AJ.

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