YMMV / Azincourt

  • Complete Monster: Sir Martin is a corrupt priest and member of a clan of abusive backwoods hicks. He abuses his position as priest, telling women that the Bible requires them to get naked in front of him, then rapes them, and if their husbands complain, murders them. He tries to kill the main character, Nick Hook, and when Nick hits back, runs to the local lord to whine about how Nick struck a priest. He later frames Nick's handicapped brother for stealing so that King Henry will hang him, and makes repeated attempts to get Nick in trouble with the rest of the army for, I kid you not, "living in sin with a Frenchwoman"; what he's really upset about is that he wanted to rape Nick's eventual wife himself and Nick got in the way. Finally, when the fighting at Agincourt is at its heaviest, Sir Martin decides the battle is lost, and sneaks off to rape Nick's wife while everyone else is busy, leaving his cousins, brothers, and bastard sons (he's got a few) to what he believes is their certain death.