YMMV: Aveyond

  • Cliché Storm: One of the reasons why Aveyond is a rather obscure series is that their plotlines tend to be rather generic. A young hero is chosen by the Oracle to stop a villain who, for unexplained reasons, wants to Take Over the World. They meet some useful allies here and there, and fights the Big Bad's minions to collect some Plot Coupons. And that's about it, really.
  • Crack Pairing: Amaranthian user daeva_agas ships Rhen/Agas from Aveyond 1 and Mel/Gyendal from Aveyond 3 and has spawned a number of fanarts surrounding those couple. Both pair soon gained some following from the website.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Te'ijal, an Optional Party Member from Aveyond 1. She got a cameo in Aveyond 2, and was a central character in Aveyond 3.
    • The daevas in the first Aveyond game were really nothing more than Elite Mook bosses, who gets about 1-2 lines before being defeated by the heroes. The Amaranthian website has spawned a lot of fanfics where they are given more depth.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Given that Amanda admits that she likes pairing her characters in a more... unconventional ways, this is practically a given.
    • Most fans prefer Lars/Rhen rather than the canon pairing, Dameon/Rhen.
    • Also Edward/Mel. You can make this pairing happen in individual gameplay, but canon is Edward/Stella, while Mel marries a descendent of Lars who doesn't appear in the game
    • Non-canon Talia/Devin is also very popular, even though Devin officially ends up with Alicia, and Talia marries an unnamed Sun Priest. Like the above pairing, it's possible in individual gameplay.
  • Genius Bonus: Ahriman is the name of a Persian god of evil. Ishtar is the name of a Sumerian goddess of love and war.
    • Nox is a Roman goddess of night.
    • The daevas from the first game are named after daevas (duh) from the Persian myth, except for Agas. The demon named Agas is originally a Drug (or Khord-Drug, depending on who you talk to), which ranked lower than the daevas.
  • It's Short, so It Sucks : Fans complained about how short the first chapter of Aveyond 3 despite the fact that it was just half of a game and the second chapter wasn't even released yet.
  • Narm:
    • Several scenes throughout the series, especially anything with Ahriman in it:
    Ahriman: It shall be done. Show this paltry world the power of the daevas!
    • Gyendal isn't much better than Ahriman. And he repeats his "People of darkness, we have been oppressed by the light for too long. Let us band together and rise against the light!" speech with very similar wording in Lord of Twilight and The Darkthrop Prophecy.
    In LOT: Fellow vampires, the time has come to take the Overworld as our own. Too long have humans, our dinner, ruled that land.
    In TDP: Followers of darkness, too long have we been forced to live in the shadow of light. It is time for us to rise and rule the land above!
    • The voice pack kicks it up a notch what with the uh..."acting". And the stereotypical vampire accents are not helping.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Galahad wasn't too popular in Aveyond 1, thanks to his Knight Templar and Holier Than Thou tendencies. He gained a lot of fans in Aveyond 3, where he was a Knight in Sour Armor vampire Death Seeker.
  • Sequelitis: Aveyond 2 is probably the least well received title in the Aveyond series, most likely due to the uninteresting protagonist, lazy facesets and a twist that doesn't make much sense. There are definitely far less fanarts and fanfiction for the second game than there are for the first and third.
  • Strangled by the Red String: The lack of chemistry between the characters is the reason why most of the Canon couples are so unpopular (see Fan-Preferred Couple above). Most of the "romantic" interactions between the Love Interest is optional, and the characters involved in the pair tend to have a better-defined relationship with someone else.
    • In Ahriman's Prophecy, Devin takes the role of Talia's childhood friend and protector, and the two has the typical role of the male & female RPG protagonists. They are the only two characters who are actually relevant to the conflict, with all the other playable characters being an Optional Party Member, including Devin's eventual canon Love Interest, Alicia. To make things worse, Alicia is a rather difficult character to actually obtain (the player must complete an optional sidequest in Candar, else she would become Lost Forever), and her stats are not actually very good (compared to Jack and Fredrick), so players have no real reason to recruit her, and the game can be completed without her involvement at all.
    • In Aveyond 1, Rhen's canon love interest is Dameon, but aside from the briefly flirting with her when they first met, he rarely says or does anything important throughout the whole journey. In fact, an earlier build actually allows the party to avoid recruiting him altogether (although he would randomly pop up in the Final Boss battle anyway). In any case, many players complain that Rhen falling in love with him that she would be tempted to join the dark side alongside him feel very forced. Lars, despite being introduced as a Jerkass, frequently gives Rhen useful advice throughout her quest, shows concern when she attempts to do anything dangerous, and was overall given the most Character Development among the whole cast as he becomes a much nicer person and even apologizes to Rhen for his past behaviour.
    • Aveyond 3 follows a similar pattern Ahriman's, where Mel and Edward fill the standard roles of the male & female RPG protagonists, and their dynamics seem to be a perfect setup for a relationship, with Mel's status as a commoner, and Edward's desire to relinquish his royal duties. This is cemented by the fact that, in the third chapter, the "canon" prologue has Edward almost marrying Mel before it was sabotaged by Lydia, implicating that the two were a couple. But instead, Edward would canonically marry Stella, while Mel has an offscreen romance with someone who doesn't even appear in the game.