YMMV / Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Kyasin brings the Fire Nation prison rig crashing into the ocean in Revolution 1.
    • Kyasin's Rousing Speech to the Wulong people in The Winter Solstice, which involves destroying an ancient tree and a beautiful painting, and demanding that they prove themselves to be the guardians of the forest.
    • Sakodi dueling a powerful spirit and winning in The Winter Solstice.
  • Fan Nickname: Before they were given original names by the author, Revised!Katara was dubbed 'Katlara' by readers, while Revised!Aang was known as Apathetic Aang by detractors.
    • The series as a whole has been dubbed 'A Song of Icebending and Firebending.'
    • Kyasin in particular is rather polarizing: most readers find her to be too vicious and difficult to sympathize with, while some see her as a complex and intriguing Anti-Hero.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • To Zotu, his father's decision to sacrifice multiple entire platoons to distract the Earth Kingdom military while one of their cities was overrun, would be this. Horrifically burning half of his face off afterwards did not help his father's cause.
    • Kyasin has a few candidates of her own, though Word of God is that she ultimately will not commit what would have been hers, officially: coldly executing Yon Rha after confronting him on her mother's death. The other candidates would be executing Rin/The Mechanist in Book One, murdering Dai Li officers that were just doing their jobs in Book Two, and threatening to kill Ain in Book Three.
    • Warden Liruk, of Chapter Four: Shooting one of his own guards in the head as a demonstration of the power of his Weapon for Intimidation, so that Kayasin would willingly go to his private quarters for...let's try not to think about that.
    • The Enforcers, of Chapter Six: The brutal murder of Xin Fu on the grounds of gambling debts certainly counts.
    • Pick any moment from Hook's backstory section in Chapter Eight.
    • Jiao's would have been compromising his honor by informing Aizo of his son's actions. Unfortunately, not doing so was his MEH for a subordinate officer, which ultimately leads to Aizo discovering Zotu's treachery anyway.
    • In-universe, Jeong Jeong regards his as being the murder of one of his former comrades-in-arms, Jiao.
    • This will be updated as the series progresses.