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YMMV: Aura Star
  • Awesome Music: The sole battle theme in the game might be short but surprisingly well made and catchy.
  • Character Tiers: Subverted. There is pretty much no tier system agreed among fans. Though they wrote guides for a creature. Most guide writers often say that under powered creatures have no place in the metagame and were just be used "only for collecting."
  • Funny Moments: Any time Darst and/or his henchmen are foiled.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: Many quests are rather easy to finish. The required the enemies to face in each quest are usually in ridiculously low levels, very little effort is required, and sometimes you ally with a character at level 100 when facing a greater opponent in the quest.
    • Subverted in puzzles in quests, possibly due to edutainment reasons.
  • Moe: Several NPCs may count.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Before it got updated, the screen that appears every hour shows HELLO excercising, and advises players to excercise or take a break. At one point, two hands from portals out of nowhere appeared and initially made HELLO terrified and but jump ropes afterwards. Even though it is intended to be funny, it looks rather disturbing.
  • Tear Jerker: Baiyu ai yi's backstory, whom in the end matured after a losing its guardian.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Pokémon fans are are likely to condemn this game for copying Pokémon gameplay and few designs.
    • Some fans of Taomee's Seer (The first browser game to have gameplay based on Pokémon) accuse the game for copying mechanics it introduces first.

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