YMMV / Aura Battler Dunbine

  • Awesome Music: The opening theme, sung by MIQ
  • Complete Monster: Lady Luuza Luft manipulates her powerful husband, Lord Drake Luft, so she can conquer Byston Well. Encouraging Drake's war, Luuza cares nothing for the people massacred, as long as it secures her power. Angered by her daughter, Rimel, attempting to stop the war, Luuza has her beaten and imprisoned, later threatening Rimel's life to make a group of rebels back down. Believing Bishop Hale to be a better puppet than Drake, Luuza cheats on her husband with the bishop. When Drake becomes aware of Luuza's treachery, he sends Rimel to arrest her, only for Luuza to murder her daughter in cold blood.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In episode 15, where a newscaster notes out Garalia's Bastole, he says, "This is not an anime," which is funny to hear, given the name and lyrics to a song used in a certain Tomino anime...