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YMMV: Atop the Fourth Wall
For History of Power Rangers examples, see here.
  • Accidental Innuendo: 'This comic sucks...Linkaraaaa!'
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Holokara's set up as being invincible, due to being made of light. Linkara deactivates him with a single voice command. Later proven to be Subverted. He does come back shortly afterward, but with Linksano and Pollo getting rid of him again almost as easily. However, his shot at well-intentioned extremism and his attempt to convince Linkara of how necessary it is, proves that he was really around to test Linkara's morality instead of his fighting prowess or weaponry.
    • So we're given quite the build up to The King Of Worms, showing how it's the most cunning and Genre Savvy of Linkara's baddies. And at grand finale of the Worms arc.. it's basically beaten by a Deus ex Machina. An interesting Deus ex Machina but one none the less.
  • Arc Fatigue: The Vyce arc, which took around nine months from beginning to end, and went on continuously (the Mechakara and Entity arcs, while eight months long, both had extended "breather" periods, whereas the Vyce arc didn't.)
    • While the Vyce arc as a whole was very long, it could be divided into three sub-arcs—Linkara's abduction and return, the story of the Magic Gun's origin, and the confrontation with Vyce—for easier consumption. This was repeated with the Gunslinger arc, which also has three sub-arc divisions (Linkara losing his magic and Holokara taking over, the team trapped in the apartment, and the final confrontation with the Gunslinger).
  • Author's Saving Throw: After various comments pointed out that Linkara never saw the outside of Vyce's ship, yet instantly recognized it, the next episode has Pollo note this, then Linkara asks who else would have a ship with a giant V on it.
    • In the commentary of "Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu", Lewis admits to having pulled one with why Missingno was afraid of Lord Vyce, aware that with how he built it up as an unstoppable universe devouring Lovecraftian demon and considered that it would probably raise the question as to why it was running from him. He came up with the idea Vyce's attacks were able to hurt it, but, according to Missingno, at least, couldn't kill it, but it found being able to be hurt at all such a blow to the ego that it hid out in our dimension so Linkara would defeat Vyce. It was NOT afraid of Vyce; just sufficiently annoyed with him.
      • There seems to be many of these. If enough people complain about a perceived plot hole or just that something wasn't addressed, it will most likely be addressed in the next storyline-related episode.
  • Base Breaker: Fat Grandma. Some find her so random it's hilarious, others think she's kinda racist (a white man, playing a white woman, acting like a Sassy Black Woman) and just obnoxious.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The conclusion of Amazons Attack involves Linkara becoming sucked into a portal, becoming animated, then teaming up with Wonder Woman to fight a giant version of the comic itself. It has a 'To Be Continued' on the end, so it was either intended to go somewhere but was left hanging, or was intended to be a Take That at how Amazons Attack essentially went nowhere.
  • Broken Base: Let's just say there's a split between the people who love the increasingly-prominent "story" segments and the people who wish Linkara would just drop them altogether. He has acknowledged this, and now confines most story sequences to after the review portion of his videos so the people who want the story can stick around for it, but the people who don't don't have to wade through three minutes of stuff they don't care about to find where the review starts again.
    • Also, viewers were really divided on his opinion of the Lady Gaga comic. Even Iron Liz posted a vlog rebuttal to his review (which, to his credit, he willingly posted a link to).
    • Adblockers... First Lewis tried to handle the issue in-character, but Linkara isn't exactly nice. Then Lewis sat down and made another video (on YouTube, with no ads on it) and tried to explain succinctly and calmly that he doesn't like them because his main source of income is ad revenue. The ads are there to pay his rent, not annoy us. This was enough to win lots of fans back, but as the comments on this video show another lot of people are still sore.
    • Lewis managed to avoid this by accidentally waiting (Via being busy) a month and a half before seeing Man of Steel, as his vlog, while negative, hasn't attracted too much hate. Or it could just be that unlike Hope and Doug, he didn't continuously bring up the shaky cam throughout the film.
    • The big "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Spider-Man in his 200th episode reviewing One More Day, about the character still acting like a teenager, not taking responsibility despite constantly going on about it and never actually learning from his mistakes has caused some divisions with his viewers. Some viewers completely agreed with Linkara and the speech as a testament to how Marvel has ruined their once proud mascot. Others disagreed completely, believing Linkara was being too harsh towards a character that has been gone through years of terrible writers.
      • Lewis does admit that part of the rant was just his own jaded perspective, and also goes on to declare that what he really took issue with was that the writers seem to downright refuse to let Peter grow up and behave like an adult already.
    • Longbox of the Damned. It's well-liked by most of Linkara's audience, but some are annoyed by just its presence, saying that it feels like just another side project that is distracting him from his other side-projects, particularly History of Power Rangers.
    • The new Secret Origins Month opening, with Lewis even mentioning in a video that very month that people have said they don't like it.
    • The rhyming review of a Star Trek issue caused a minor controversy, with some liking it and others finding it annoying.
    • The fact that, as of Athena 2, Linkara seems to be trying to add a a Megaforce Morpher to his Arsenal. Some have no problem with it, ignoring their problems with the season (Largely seen as lacking the quality an anniversary season should have)... and then you have people who do, and argue that Linkara should be taking a morpher from a season he's shown to have enjoyed, like Dino Thunder or In Space.
    • However, his 300th review showed that Lewis knows how to use it much more usefully than Saban Brands do.
  • Come for the X, Stay for the Y: Come for the comic book reviews, stay for the awesome storylines.
    • Or, for some people, the other way around.
  • Complete Monster: Surprisingly Mechakara, a robot from an alternate dimension where Linkara's Robot Buddy Pollo turned evil, killed him, and robots overthrew humanity. His plans solely revolve around sending our protagonist into a mental breakdown; and, when that fails, he captures him and plans to kill him slowly, simply because his death went too fast the first time around. While that would normally make him just another killer robot, what shoots him over the top is how, after getting the magic MacGuffin that he came for, he decides instead to destroy all organic life in the multiverse. He's a cold heartless monster and the fact that he's returned is a signal he'll only get worse from here. It gets particularly bad in the Silent Hill Dead/Alive videos, where Mechakara slowly Mind Rapes Linkara into thinking he's the (actually long dead) man who tortured his daughter to create Linkara's Magic Gun. Even the Entity was less evil than this robotic bastard.
  • Counterpart Comparison: Despite being a Pokemon, The Entity actually shares a surprising number of similarities with the D-Reaper from Digimon Tamers. Both are computer programs that have evolved to become Godlike Eldritch Abominations seeking to consume/destroy everything.
  • Crazy Awesome: The fight at the end of the Power Rangers Zeo #1 review.
  • Creepy Awesome: The Entity.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Not including the ultra-catchy "Gunslinger" OP theme, he's lately quite fond of borrowing music from the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who (in particular, the the Doctor's "I Am the Doctor" theme) as well as themes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
    • The old-school midi version of "Gunslinger" used in his Game Boy #1 review.
    • If anything could outdo the theme song, it's the Ballad of Linkara that closed out his 200th episode.
    • This track has been composed specifically for the moment where Linkara changes his outfit, it's name is "A New Identity"
  • Ear Worm: The theme tune, as well as some of the music used in the reviews (particularly stuff like the Power Rangers theme).
  • Engaging Chevrons: When Iron Liz reviewed Chain Gang War, she got her own version of the theme tune, only for Linkara's regular theme tune to play immediately after it.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • DUUUUUUUUUUDE!! '90s Kid is the most awesome Atop the Fourth Wall character EVEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!! His guest review of Freak Force was RADICAAAAAL!!
    • Harvey Finevoice has also become quite popular, though not quite on the level of '90s Kid, whose recent plot-relevance might just make him a case of a Breakout Character.
    • As of the New Guardians #1 review, the spotlight has been taken from Linkara by the crazy antics of Snowflame. Read the comments to see why.
    • In the DVD episodes, Linkara finds his own Darkhorse, Tomboy, in the pages of Captain Flash. She's a powerless preteen girl whose badassery completely outshines the titular hero.
    • Mechakara is also a pretty popular character. Mostly for being a Knight of Cerebus, how he was nearly able to kill Linkara in their battle, and that he's an evil Pollo from an alternate universe. He's so popular that he was resurrected during the Vyce Arc and makes a cameo in a couple other reviews. He even lampshades his own popularity in the Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #2 review.
    • Lord Vyce, another villain whose popularity gets him resurrected frequently.
    • Jaeris, the Gunslinger, is very popular over at the Treehouse, the fan community/Kink Meme at Livejournal.
  • Evil Is Cool/ Love to Hate: Lord Vyce and Mechakara (see above).
  • Evil Is Sexy: Judas Liz.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Fans have appropriately dubbed his Super Mode "Pimpkara".
    • The Treehousians have dubbed the spirit inside the magic gun Meg (based on the initials MG for "Magic Gun"). This appears to be Ascended Fanon now, as in the Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1 review, Wizard Steven refers to her as "Margaret."
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The Superman vs. Terminator review mocks his Schedule Slip on Revolution of the Mask, with Linkara decades in the future promising fans the third issue will be out soon. Issue two came out a couple months later, but a bit after that, the comic's artist seemingly vanished from the face of the Earth, not responding to any of Linkara's messages after they wished each other a happy Thanksgiving. Thankfully he soon found a new artist, but that was a scary period.
    • In his Planet of the Symbiote Review, Linkara makes a joke about a character who looks like an older '90s Kid. Said character is possessed by a Symbiote. Come the end of the episode, it turns out Linkara's joke wasn't far from the truth.
    • Knowingly mocked in "Mr. T #1," when he says that only an idiot could ever think Mr. T could be guilty of any crime, then immediately prays that T is not involved in some horrible scandal in the near future.
    • In the #200 ending song, there's this line "As allies and enemies both come and go" with Dr. Insano as the image for "enemies". While Spoony had left almost a month before this was released, the video was recorded before that.
    • His early episodes "suicide gun" jokes now feel this way following the tragic death of his close friend Jew Wario.
  • Gateway Series: Although Linkara did not expect non-comic books fans to find the show funny, one of the most frequently asked questions is "how do i get into comics?" from people who became interested in comic books after watching the show. This also influenced his decision to phase out the Continuity Alarm. Originally he had it so that he wouldn't ramble about continuity to seasoned comic readers, but found that more people actually wanted him to get into the history of the things he was talking about.
    • His frequent cameos with other Channel Awesome reviewers are likely to get you to pick up their shows on your regular viewing schedule.
  • Ham and Cheese: His Snowflame impression.
    • Only to be outdone by Will Wolfgram's Snowflame in the "New Guardians #1" review.
      Snowflame (Will): Snowflame is stealing your shoooooooes!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: He concludes his two-part review of The Rise of Arsenal by remarking that hopefully, DC's forthcoming (at the time) reboot will erase both Cry For Justice and this mini from continuity, resurrecting Lian Harper in the process. Later that week, DC stated that one of the changes is that Arsenal/Roy Harper will be undergoing a reduction in his age and would now be too young to have had a daughter (or at least, the Lian the readers knew) yet.
    • This does mean that Cry For Justice and The Rise of Arsenal was erased. Be Careful What You Wish For Linkara.
    • His Blue Beetle tribute in which he praises it on its more lighthearted approach to superheroes and him ashamed that more darker comics get more subscribers than the original runs of the series in light of the new series of Blue Beetle that is going with a Darker and Edgier approach.
    • As a throwaway joke in the review of The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2, Linkara sees pixilation in the comic and complains that the comic is glitching out, speculating a Missingno is involved. Fast forward to the end of the Entity saga...
    • During his review of "Titans #1" in 2008, Linkara makes reference to Lian Harper and the sense of nostalgia he feels about her. Come 2009...
    • In Linkara's review of One More Day, he mentions several times how he would do anything to get the effects of said comic reversed (outside of making a Deal with the Devil). Later on, Holokara proves true to that, and was planning to threaten to blow up Marvel Headquarters to force them to reverse One More Day. Even worse, it's stated that the real Linkara would have eventually done the very same thing had he not been made aware of how egotistical and selfish he was becoming.
    • Him trying to contact Apollo Z. Hack may be a bit unnerving when the last time we saw him in the Reviewaverse Saga, he killed Lupa and presumably went on a killing spree, targeting every critic out there.
    • The reason Harvey calls Linkara kid? He lost his son.
    • In his review of One More Day, he noted that he was cautiously optimistic about the Marvel NOW initiative because he thought it would allow the writers to interpret Peter Parker as a young adult that learns from his mistakes instead of an adult with a teenager's mindset. Marvel NOW then began with The Superior Spider-Man, featuring Otto Octavius - a protagonist that not only ignores the "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" creed that was the cornerstone of his predecessor's code of conduct, but one that absolutely refuses to take responsibility for his actions - something that Peter at least tried to do, but screwed up on due to inconsistent writing.
  • Heartwarming In Hindsight: Harvey calling Linkara kid, signifying that he thinks of him as a surrogate son.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: After his reviews of All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Linkara suffered a bit of backlash from Frank Miller fans who said that Miller's contributions to the comic industry (namely, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One) gave him a free pass to do wackier stuff. Linkara heartily disagreed.
    • He seems to have taken steps to avoid this with his Spawn review, noting at the beginning that he didn't want to bash Spawn as a character, and that Spawn was better than most early Image comic characters by far.
    • He also invited this in his "Next Top 15 AT4W Screw-Ups" segment, where he went on at length on a tirade against the X-Men comics, blaming them for being the in-universe causes of some of his most hated crossover events in Marvel's recent history... or not when Linkara later clarified in his "Youngblood #5" review that he was "half joking" and acknowledged that the X-Men did have some good runs and good characters in its roster.
    • He managed to avoid this in his Man of Steel v-log, albeit accidentally (seeing the movie over a month after it was released due to being busy).
    • In panels, he's mentioned this is the reason he doesn't do reviews of work by Garth Ennis and Mark Millar, despite not liking their work.
      • He eventually reviewed Millar's For The Animals, noting it's a very good comic that really gets Superman as an inspiring icon.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • At one point in his Doom's IV review, he said 'IN AMERICA'. In episode 45 of the Abridged Series he provided a guest voice for that show.
    • During his Blue Beetle Tribute, he went into an episode of anger induced insanity; claiming he would be the only one to hold the title of Linkara and run the show. Later on after being kidnapped, it was shown he had left in his will that Iron Liz would take his place. Even so much as to have her wear his hat and use his scripts.
    • Not two days after his Ultimatum #5 review and his calling DC and Marvel out over rebooting continuity, DC announced they were relaunching their entire comic line. He was stunned enough by this to declare himself the Comic Prophet over Twitter.
    • Back in 2008 when the show was just getting started, Spoony mentioned it (not in a negative way) as an example of an internet review show that focuses on the reviews and doesn't have any overarching plot. Since then, Atop the Fourth Wall has become the defining example of a plot-focused web review show.
    • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "On Leather Wings", Alfred comments, "Are we developing an interest in rock and roll, sir?". The comment gets a lot funnier with AT4W's Running Gag of Batman hating rock and roll.
    • Linkara's magic gun looks exactly like the guns from a very popular Sentai. He's going to be very happy when that gets adapted into Power Rangers...especially since he can dual-wield it with the Dragon Dagger and have it be canonical.
    • In Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four Brain Drain, he jokes about the frequent Product Placement of OfficeMax, and has a character say that if it had been Office Depot, they would've been screwed. OfficeMax and Office Depot merged in late 2013.
    • In his Superman Meets the Quik Bunny review, Linkara considers the idea of a flying treehouse as utterly ridiculous. In the TGWTG special To Boldly Flee, the Critic's house turns into a spaceship.
    • Linkara made it very clear in the "Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review" video that he would never review "One More Day", even putting it at the #2 spot. And then comes the 200th episode...
    • May overlap with Harsher in Hindsight, during his JLA: Act of God review, he complains that how in Elseworld miniseries, Superman is often paired up with Wonder Woman. Cue New 52, where they're an official couple.
    • In his 100th review, he does a joke regarding how Sonic has super speed and can thus save everyone, while screwing around with Robotnik. Sonic Lost World has a very similar joke in the end where Eggman tries to make a getaway, but the exhaust hose for his jetpack was removed by Sonic, who most likely did that in the few seconds he tried to get away.
    • Snowflame gonna sue somebody!
    • In the Ultimatum 3-4 review, after hearing Doctor Doom's ridiculous plan to take over the world, he says that it must be a doombot. In the Ultimate FF series, that was revealed to be the case (more specifically an impostor).
    • Back in November 2011 in his Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu review, Linkara wished for a Pokemon Fighting game where you actually control the Pokemon (akin the Super Smash Bros.). Jump to 2014 where Pokkén Tournament is announced. (Although so far it's for Japanese Arcades.)
  • HSQ: Goes off the charts numerous times, especially in response to the Visual Effects of Awesome.
    • Holokara threatening to kill '90s Kid. It starts off with just him telling '90s Kid to stop interrupting the show, but then suddenly turns to Holokara phasing his hand into '90s Kid's chest and threatening to stop his heart.
  • Iconic Character, Forgotten Title: Does this in his opening credits. Atop the Fourth Wall gets name-dropped once (twice in the full version), but the song ends on repetition of his name and a separate logo.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Points out that Nightcat blowing up a garbage barge would pollute Hudson River even more.
  • Internet Backdraft: His critique of The Dark Knight Strikes Again has led to some harsh responses from Frank Miller fans and his lack of response to The Maxx was taken as an indictment of its quality. Verging into real-world politics was his crossover with The Nostalgia Critic to review Superman IV: The Quest for Peace; they staged a rather elaborate joke about the unrealistically happy reaction of all the world's leaders to Superman announcing that he was taking their nukes. In this exchange he mentioned Israel not as a value judgment, but simply as a group of people that probably would not burst into wild happy applause if they were stripped of their nuclear arsenal by outside forces. He received a barrage of hatemail afterwards, both from people who supported Israel and thought he was being disloyal and from people who do not support Israel thinking he was supporting their sovereignty. He even addressed this in his commentary for the review.
    • Some of it was also because he expressed belief in the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction, the idea that nukes prevent wars and encourage peace. Since no one would dare go to war with a country that possessed such weapons, and no one with nuclear weapons would dare use them. [You know, just like every politician on all sides at the time the movie was made believed.
    • Again, Adblockers.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: The reason he discontinued his "That's All I'm Saying" videos, where he looked at new comics on a weekly basis and gave short honest opinions on them. He felt they became repetitive and had him saying the same thing over and over.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Linkara himself is a rare Anti-Heroic version. He frequently defeats and outsmarts villains FAR more powerful than he is, simply by virtue of being quickwitted, audacious, Crazy-Prepared and Dangerously Genre Savvy.
    • The King of Worms learned well from the Entity's failure, and spends its entire storyline playing Linkara for a sucker, replacing certain characters with robot duplicates to guide his every move before getting rid of him once he's served his purpose. In the end, all Linkara's preparations are utterly useless, and he only "wins" because something in his head he had no idea about scares the King to death.
  • Memetic Badass: From his Let's Play of Pokemon Omicron, Li'l Petti!
  • Memetic Mutation: I AM A MAN! *punch* and variants.
  • Memetic Sex God: He has such a big following of Fangirls (and guys) that TGWTG Secrets has been criticised for posting too many secrets about some of its users having a crush on Linkara.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mechakara firmly crossed it when he tried to drive Linkara to suicide (and it was not Played for Laughs), by making him think he was the father of the girl who was turned into his magic gun.
    • Holokara pulled an extreme Face-Heel Turn and drove over the horizon in a single move, when he threatened to kill '90s Kid if he ever interrupted the show again. Definitely not Played for Laughs.
    • He crosses it again later when he threatens to maim Harvey Finevoice when Harvey calls him out for threatening to kill '90s Kid. Specifically, he casually threatens to crush the singer's vocal chords.
    • Lord Vyce crosses over when he Mind Rapes NIMUE, forcing Linkara to delete her. At this point, we can pretty much drop the "Anti" part of Anti-Villain.
    NIMUE: You are evil Vyce. You are cruel and unjust.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The random audience chattering in the live segments, particularly when somebody in the audience tries to insert their own two cents when Linkara's trying to continue with his segment. To give an idea as to how this can annoy everyone, read the comments below this video.
    • It got to the point where Lewis had to include disclaimers before the live shows about speaking out loud during the review.
    "Just remember, I am recording this. So if you're not funny, then you're being not funny in front of thousands of people."
  • MST3K Mantra: In the Marville #4 review, telling the viewers not to take his hologram being the one who reviewed the third issue too seriously amounts to this.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Okay, once the Entity was finally out in the open, it had a lot of really creepy lines with a neat voice filter effect, and the way it kept glitching out and teleporting around the room was genuinely creative and freaky. But it's in the form of '90s Kid. Linkara already has such an adorable baby face and '90s Kid has such dumb fashion sense it dulled the edge of the horror a bit.
    • For others, all that made it even worse...
    • After all the buildup over the face of the King of Worms, it's a platinum mask with eye and mouth holes. Moral: never build anything up as "more frightening than anything" or the like.
      • And then he touches Linkara's head and dies. Ironically, for a villain built up as fear incarnate, the King of Worms is probably the least scary thing in the series once he actually shows up.
  • Parody Sue/Gary Stu (Depending on your feelings about the AT4W storyline): Linkara (the character), especially after the Power Rangers Zeo #1 review.
    • Whatever Marty Stu-ness he may have had is subverted during the first fight with Vyce, where everything he throws at him is ineffective and Vyce manages to trash Linkara (while saying that being the Universe's champion really isn't as big a deal as it might sound like), and just when you expect him to get back up and kick Vyce's ass... he just lies there in a Heroic BSOD, obviously shaken by these turn of events.
    • Linkara might actually count as a deconstruction of a Marty Stu. First of all, for all of his victories and wonderful tech, he's never actually permanently defeated any of his enemies. Dr. Insano has Joker Immunity, Mechakara has come Back from the Dead more than once, Dr. Linksano will probably never die due to being a Harmless Villain, and Lord Vyce... trounced him. Secondly, Linkara is supposedly the "Champion" of his universe... but Lord Vyce has already stated he's killed sixteen Champions. In other words, the title means nothing in the grand scheme of things. The character himself also has quite a few flaws, such as his Pride. After defeating Mechakara during the Vyce arc, Liz gives him a look that can only really be summed up as a "What the Hell, Hero? Face", probably because he didn't help her while powered-up; and his willingness to fight and fairly frequent boasting tends to get him pummeled, even if he does make a comeback later on. Also, he flat-out stole Neutro from his Arch-Enemy; not exactly his most heroic of moments (Though Linkara is using it for good rather than leaving it in the hands of a mad scientist).
    • There's also the fact that his Heroic Willpower might not be as strong as he thinks it is. During the Mind Rape sequence in the Silent Hill review, it's made clear that he would have pulled the trigger if the spirit within the gun hadn't stopped him (Mechakara says he did and the gun just refused to fire). He depends on his True Companions to keep him alive.
    • There's also the end of the Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2 review, where the wizard Aplos makes Linkara realize just how selfish, greedy, egotistical and just downright mean he's been to his True Companions over the years. It sends Linkara into another Heroic BSOD, along with a My God, What Have I Done? moment.
    • He's also frequently treated as an obnoxious know-it-all who shoehorns himself into anything superhero, comic-book or Star Trek related in some crossovers, such as The Nostalgia Critic's reviews of the odd-numbered Star Trek movies, where the Critic constantly dreads his inevitable arrival.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some people enjoy the Vyce arc solely because of what a hilarious Sue it makes Linkara, and also to see how epic he can make it. Given some of the reviewed material, this may be deliberate.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: In his Athena #1 review, he takes quite a lot of time making it clear that exploitation of women is wrong, and that he criticizes it because it's an on-going problem.
    Linkara: Which is why, today, we're digging into Athena #1, a comic that released last year, that seems to think T&A are more important than good storytelling! That's why I'm criticizing it, people! It's still going on!
    • His Take That on viewers who use adblockers to avoid ads while watching the contributors' videos.
      • He goes more in-depth exactly why the ads are necessary in this video, along with ways to support other shows on Blip as well as his own.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The poorly-animated Vohrsoth. Lampshaded in-universe.
    • The above, as well as many other special effects blunders, is lampshaded by Linkara's future self in the show's April 2011 recap, with him often noting that "they should fix that".
    • The Gunslinger notices that his gunshots produce sparks and explosions, yet do no damage to anything in Linkara's apartment. This becomes a plot point in the next episode.
    • The Conspicuous CGI involving Pollo and the Cybermat during the Star Trek II comic review was sort of an inevitability.
    • While inside the Court of Worms, one can clearly see Lewis' apartment reflected in the mask of the King of Worms. It also looked like Lewis was wearing the Harvey costume and filming with a tablet computer.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Holokara threatening to kill 90's Kid was a severe overreaction but he did raise the point that 90's Kid is always interrupting reviews and Holokara did ask him stop before resorting to threats.
    • Linkara's getting angry with 90's Kid over draining the BFG is treated as unwarranted but it is understandable considering 90's Kid ruined one of the few weapons they had that was still capable of functioning for an idiotic reason.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Entity is just unsettling to look at. Nevermind that it's taking the form of comic relief '90s Kid with a distorted voice and unnatural, interference cascade eyes, but every shot focusing on it just glitches from time to time, like its voice scratching and repeating, or its body blinking in place or from one place to another. Just its presence is outright creepy, let alone all the rest.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Referring to Superboy Prime as Spasticboy Prime not long after calling Donna Troy out for calling Jason "re-Todd" got Europeans and Australians to accuse him both of hypocrisy and treating the mentally disabled as Acceptable Targets. "Spastic" has a different definition in America, where it means "prone to spasmodic behavior." This was later addressed in the second "Screw-Ups" video.
    • He invokes this trope in the "15 things he hates about Identity Crisis" review;
    Linkara discussing the effect of Sue Dibny's rape: There are five narrators sprinkled in this book. None are women. Just saying.
    • His whole gimmick of burning books. Though now Linkara very rarely burns comics (and lampshades this at at least one point). He would later address this in his 300th episode, where clarifies that he does support free speech and that since the comics are his personal property, he has the right to do whatever he wants with them.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Iron Liz, in her debut appearance, was wearing Linkara's jacket and hat and very little makeup, and was holding a comic book in front of her chest. Those fashion and blocking choices - coupled with an unusually deep voice, due to an unspecified medical condition - had a lot of people confused. The name "Iron Liz" helped settle things, as did the introduction of her blog, where there is a much more flattering photo of her on display.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Lord Vyce's ship.
    • For the most part, Lewis playing so many characters is accomplished by only showing one at a time, or using fairly obvious splitscreens. Then comes the redone version of the Entity finale, which includes a shot of Linkara walking around '90s Kid, completely seamlessly.
    • The kicker was during the first battle with Mechakara. Not only was Lewis fighting himself in that battle (first as the Ninja Style Dancer, then as himself), but he also utilized Triple-Vision to allow himself, 90s Kid, and Harvey Finevoice to stand together and fight Mechakara as a team.
  • What an Idiot: Harvey shooting at Holokara when he should know that he's Immune to Bullets.
    • Lampshaded when Linksano chastises him, saying it was doomed to failure, and Harvey admitting that he was angry and not thinking straight. He suggests that he should have hit the Holo-Emitter which generates Holokara, but Linksano says that it would be heavily shielded, and would have ended just as badly.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Linkara invokes this New Guardians #2 with the dialogue and Snowflame, but some of the other stuff he looks at would likely leave the viewer thinking this:
  • The Woobie: The little girl from the Silent Hill Dead/Alive prologues. The parents who she loved and adored never cared about her other than using her as a sacrifice to forge a weapon to use in mass genocide for their God. She was tortured and killed to create the weapon (Linkara's magic gun), but when they touched the weapon they were driven insane and killed.
    • The fact that her name has been forgotten, even by the cultists who killed her makes it just a bit more painful.
    • After Holokara threatened them, '90s Kid and Harvey became Woobies as well.

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