YMMV / Atomic Kitten

  • Author's Saving Throw: After three unsuccessful singles, "Whole Again" was an all-or-nothing deal and it saved the band from being dropped.
  • Awesome Music: "The Last Goodbye", "Whole Again", "It's OK", "Nothing In The World".
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Jenny appears to be the favourite of the Kittens. After the group split, she was given the most offers and has remained in the public eye the most - albeit as a presenter rather than singer. Some people admit to watching Snog Marry Avoid just because she presented it.
  • Face of the Band: Natasha initially but then all of them became equal.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The in-universe reason Natasha isn't in Mike Bassett: England Manager is because one of the players gave her food poisoning. During the third album, Natasha would become infamous for no-showing publicity events and gigs. She'd even no-show a whole concert in Dublin, and the official line was that she was ill. On the same show, Jenny would have to perform with food poisoning, frequently rushing off the stage to vomit into a bucket.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The girls were extremely popular in Japan, even having a single released exclusively over there ("Cradle"). The girls also got four number 1s in New Zealand despite their tracks never being promoted over there. In fact, if their single didn't do well in the UK there was bound to be another country where they got to number 1. Their final singles did poorly due to low promotion but still got to number 1 in Taiwan.
  • Growing the Beard: The Right Now album is thought to be the odd one out, not just because it has Kerry's vocals on some of the tracks. Most of the songs are very 90s, more akin to the Spice Girls. "Whole Again" was something of a Black Sheep Hit and the group didn't really find their sound until Feels So Good. Right Now usually had the least amount of songs performed from it at concerts - usually just "Whole Again" and the cover of "Eternal Flame" (which is different to the album version anyway).
  • Les Yay: Not that much but it was definitely there.
  • Narm Charm: "Cradle" is very sappy but still so very sweet and heartwarming.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Completely averted. Jenny is more fondly remembered than her predecessor Kerry.
  • The Scrappy: Kerry quickly became this due to her scandalous personal life.
  • She Really Can Act: The video for "The Last Goodbye". The first time the girls had to properly act a story in a video as opposed to just dancing and posing. And they nailed it.
  • Signature Song: "Whole Again", "The Tide Is High" and "Eternal Flame".
  • Silly Love Songs: "Love Doesn't Have To Hurt", "Cradle", "You Are" and countless album tracks.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: "It's OK", "Eternal Flame", "Love Doesn't Have To Hurt". Album tracks "Feels So Good", "Nothing In The World", "Always Be My Baby"
  • Testosterone Brigade: Due to their music teetering on the edge of the Girl Show Ghetto and the attractiveness of the three, the Kittens had some male fans too.
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Jenny and Natasha's separate attempts at short hair. Natasha's actually resembled a bad wig more than anything else.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: The costumes worn in the video for "I Want Your Love". The video was frequently featured on the music channels' 'Worst Dressed' type of lists.