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YMMV: Atlus
  • Broken Base: The reaction to Sega's acquisition of Atlus' former holding company has been mixed, with many fearing Sega's reluctance to localize games will affect future titles while others remain hopeful for the best.
    • The western developed titles Atlus USA occasionally publishes tend to be disliked by it's core fanbase. While this is understandable for games of rather dubious quality they've published (Daylight , God Mode, the R.I.P.D. tie-in game (which itself is a reskinned version of God Mode), ACE Team's games tend to be thrown under the bus too.
  • Cult Classic: Some of their games/series have very devoted fanbases. Although the description notes they don't have as much name recognition as other big companies, they are hardly unknown.
  • Woolseyism: As Atlus USA doesn't develop anything itself, most of its publishing involves localizing Japanese games, which it does quite well.

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