YMMV / Ather City

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Lee's father. A man forced, through difficult circumstances, to take his son on the run who would do anything to protect him? Or a stupid person who decided to take his son from relative safety into a wide, open world and shove a gun in his hand? Was his mutilation of several NUO soldiers over the top, or justified?
  • Designated Hero: Dominic. At times, he can be just as bad as some of the antagonists, especially in his interactions with other characters.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Whilst there haven't been any visual examples of it yet, it is made clear that the True King is essentially made of this trope.
    • Jessica, when she transforms from a Cat Girl (closer to cat than girl, to be clear) into... well, something completely different.
    • To some, Michael's "poster kills" are considered by himself to be an art form in the first game.
      • And now in the second game.
    • Pictor Rang.
    • Sarah's Mind Rape of Lee is pretty horrible.