YMMV / Ather City

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Lee's father. A man forced, through difficult circumstances, to take his son on the run who would do anything to protect him? Or a stupid person who decided to take his son from relative safety into a wide, open world and shove a gun in his hand? Was his mutilation of several NUO soldiers over the top, or justified?
  • Complete Monster: Sarah. First she kills one of her sons. Then she brainwashes an NUO sniper into doing exactly as she says, without her realising she was brainwashed. Then she goes and telepathically torments HER OTHER SON so much he ends up on the ground, crying, pleading for it to stop. Then it turns out she was addicted to her own telepathy and she was doing it for another high. The Moral Event Horizon has not only been crossed, it's been crossed several times.
  • Designated Hero: Dominic. At times, he can be just as bad as some of the antagonists, especially in his interactions with other characters.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Whilst there haven't been any visual examples of it yet, it is made clear that the True King is essentially made of this trope.
    • Jessica, when she transforms from a Cat Girl (closer to cat than girl, to be clear) into... well, something completely different.
    • To some, Michael's "poster kills" are considered by himself to be an art form in the first game.
      • And now in the second game.
    • Pictor Rang.
    • Sarah's Mind Rape of Lee is pretty horrible.