!!Astro Boy
* MemeticHair: Astro Boy in all versions.

!!! ''Astro Boy'' (manga)
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: Australians make up a large fanbase, partly due to being one of the few countries outside Japan that got the 1982 series.
* IWantMyJetPack: Despite nuclear energy being utilized rapidly for civilian purposes today, as Tezuka hoped, we're ''nowhere'' nearing jetpack stage.
* TheWoobie: Astro, during the retelling of his origin in the Scara arc.

!!! ''Astro Boy'' (1963 TV series)

* {{Woolseyism}}: The original title theme was instrumental. When NBC dubbed the show for their English audience, lyrics were added, sung by a children's chorus.

!!! ''Astro Boy'' (1982 TV series)

* {{Macekre}}: The English dub is abysmal, with the dialogue sounding like it was made up on the spot by the voice actors.
!!! ''Astro Boy'' (2003 TV series)

* JerkassWoobie: Dr. Tenma.
* TheProblemWithLicensedGames: The PS2 entry by Creator/{{Sega}} ended up being incredibly bland in terms of gameplay, among other problems.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Atlas. His first 2 episodes built him up as the perfect ShadowArchetype to Astro. Then, he's sent adrift in space for thirty-something episodes, only to be brought back for one RedemptionEqualsDeath episode, and is brought BackFromTheDead to be a minor player in the GrandFinale.

!!! ''Astro Boy: Omega Factor''

* NoProblemWithLicensedGames: This game on the other hand was much better received. Creator/{{Treasure}} knows their stuff when it comes to making fun games.
* ThatOneBoss: Carabs, Pluto, Sharaku.

!!! ''Astro Boy'' (2009 film)

* {{Anvilicious}}: President Stone will say it again and again: he is the president, and for Metro City to depend on him he needs to make a war.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: The attack of the giant alien at the end whose only purpose was to give a shirtless Astro an action shot, probably.
* HilariousInHindsight: Donald Sutherland plays President Stone in the film. Sounds a lot like [[Film/TheHungerGames President Snow]], now does it?
* OlderThanTheyThink: Quite a few people claimed that giving him butt lasers was disrespectful to the source material and Astro's creator...
* TheProblemWithLicensedGames: The tie-in game tried to borrow gameplay from Omega Factor and failed miserably.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Grace, the girl Cora gives a chainsaw to, is voiced by Creator/ElleFanning.
* WTHCastingAgency: In Brazil, Astro Boy was voiced by [[http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodrigo_Faro this guy]].