YMMV / Asteka II: Templo del Sol

  • Breather Level: So to speak. The Nunnery has no enemies and serves no purpose other than to provide you the Ixmol Jewel and perhaps get used to using the various verbs available in the first-person sections.
  • Polished Port: Arguably, the Famicom/NES version is much better than the original versions, due to having improved graphics and an expanded story. On the other hand, the added RPG Elements might seem out of place here, and those who prefer very difficult puzzles might not appreciate some of the added things (such as the Beef Gate enemies, and clues to the puzzles in the character dialogue).
  • Sequel Displacement: Of those who played the English NES version when it was new, probably almost none of them knew that it was a sequel to another game.