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YMMV: Ask A Pony
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: All over the place! For starters, there are 15 currently active Twilight Sparkle blogs. Notably the blogs that are based on major characters like the Mane Six tend to focus on a particular personality or interpretation.
    • Been taken to its logical extreme were several crossover blogs have sprung up with an entire cast consisting of 10-30 different versions of the same character from different blogs.
    • Ask Hoops and Dumbbell gives the interpretation that the title characters (well, mostly just Dumbbell) were bullies because they were Armored Closet Gays who picked on Rainbow Dash because they felt like "the tomboy who wears rainbows" is an easy target when you're "scared".
    • Niggertron; Does he truly believe in the low-grade racial stereotypes he's making, or is he just a Mel Brooks-type comedian whose actions and character are based on Affectionate-Stealth Parody?
  • Ass Pull: Ask Twixie Genies, The Reveal that a genie's Thou Shall Not Kill policy regarding wishes only applies to mortals. Not only was this never alluded to before it becomes "convenient" for the Sultan, not only does it cause the series to suffer from the age old "immortals cannot kill mortals but can totally kill fellow immortals" cliche, but it honestly feels like a tacked on Retcon that was done solely for the sake of a "dramatic" Disney Death. What really makes this sting is that since the Sultan's wish was only for Twilight to "disappear", many thought she had simply been teleported away. Nope! Disney Death. Because clearly death is the only way to make a story dramatic or to make the villain seem threatening.
    • Though it also serves another purpose of presumably explaining how Trixie was able to kill the immortal Sultan in return.
  • Broken Base: The participation of Ask the Crusaders in the Vocational Death Cruise. A lot of fans preferred when the Crusaders were answering questions in-character over the darker turn the blog had taken. However, there are also a lot of fans who appreciate the attempt to fit the Crusaders into VDC and are interested in knowing where the blog will be going with this. It helps that the blog will occasionally shift back to answering questions in between events from time to time. Regardless, VDC at this time makes up the vast majority of the content on that blog, giving making it hard to avoid while looking through the blog.
    • Ask Pun lost almost its entire reader base when the writer decided to push her incredibly negative views of the Mane Six on the audience, without so much a joke or a lame pun, on a blog built almost entirely on bad puns. The person who posted those installments to Derpibooru couldn't bring himself to do so without deconstructing them.
    • Discorded Whooves for some: Some enjoy the tumblr as it is, others find it suffering Hype Backlash, others just find it could have been better.
    • Onyx from Ask Princess Twilight Sparkle. He's either a genuinely terrifying villain who's a good Knight of Cerebus and who Twilight being genuinely afraid of makes sense because he's a serial killer, something she's never faced before or...well, look at the Villain Sue entry.
  • Base Breaker: Discorded Whooves is beloved by fans for his complex characterization while others dislike him for his actions and his overall Wangst attitude. Most fall to the latter considering what he did to Derpy......
  • Complete Monster:
    • The Master also deserves special mention, being responsible for several murders and at least one genocide. It's explicitly stated that his Anything That Moves behavior isn't for pleasure, he does it because he enjoys breaking people. If his use of a perception filter is anything to go by, he may even qualify as the pony equivalent of a Humanoid Abomination.
    • Appelox from the Ask Japplejack blog was one of the Harmony Titans who created and protected Equestria, until he betrayed his siblings and ate them, something he practically brags about to Japplejack's face. His goal? To consumed all of existence. And he's played dead straight.
    • Discord in the Discord Whooves Tumblrs. Discord Whooves has him discord the Doctor, causing him to beat Derpy and from what her flashbacks say nearly kill her, and the discordation looks like it's driving him mad. Then there's what he did in Zerum Whooves, where he Mind Raped the Doctor into killing Derpy, and now keeps him in a featureless void as a sex slave, with the Doctor (or Zerum as he now calls himself) thinking of himself as nothing worthy of mention.
    • Kuleco from Ask Kuleco at least so far qualifies. While most Rainbow Factory inspired blogs tend to give some kind of humanising moments or Pet the Dog opportunities Kuleco is well established to have been a psychotic murderer even before he came to the Factory. The two who are responsible for his employment, Doctor Hoof Sing and Professor El Cee, to whom Kuleco is effectively The Dragon, can also easily count.
  • Crazy Awesome: Surprise!
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Surprisingly enough, from the mother of GrimDark blogs: Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Ask Pia Ikea covering Jonathan Coulton's "Ikea", rewritten for ponies!
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Pregnant/Motherly Scootaloo. It is very hard to derive joy from the very few good and heartwarming moments, because you just know Sam is gonna pull a contrived tragedy out of his ass that further grinds Scootaloo into the dirt.
    • Many of the darker blogs also suffer from this as they get older. It doesn't really matter what happens; nothing will ever change. Discorded Whooves is a prime example of constantly pulling off moments of happiness before throwing back into the pessimistic view of the world. Jitters loves to torment his readers.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Despite being a complete Jerkass whose antics include beating Derpy to a pulp (which sent her to the hospital), sleeping with her nurse and her best friend just to spite her, and possibly being an alcoholic, Discord Whooves has both Miss Twilight Sparkle and Laura the Zony in love with him. And they're both aware of his actions. Though to be fair, this probably has more to do with the mods of both blogs being friends in real life with Discord Whoove's mod. This has to led to some to dislike the Miss Twilight Sparkle tumblr (Although the Laura the Zony tumblr seemed to be saved by this), because of these reasons. Also to the fact that despite not being central to the plot of Discorded Whooves, the tumblr has somehow made it's way to Pregnant/Motherly Scootaloo.
    • Fans will quickly dismiss Molestia's actions as being harmless and just good in fun despite Molly on certain crossovers have kidnapped and implied to have sexually assaulted a Fluffy Pony, chubby pony, or others, and on certain occasions depending on the writing to have genuinely treated and/or abused her guards, most of her friends including her own sister, and others like her own personal sex objects and nothing more without remorse or empathy most of the time.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Some of these blogs are a major reason why some characters from the show are this. Ask Ruby Pinch, Echo Fleetfoot, and Surprise are some prime examples. Much of their popularity and Fanon comes from them.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Ask The Fallen Heros has a strange talent of celebrating ideas and philosophy that would seem renegade in the eyes of the everyday person; ideas such as the ends justifies the means and be direct with your decisions and orders.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Everything about Lovestruck Derpy, considering what it's a prequel to... THIS is arguably the best example of this trope in action.
    • According to Word of God, Lovestruck Derpy and Discord Whooves are actually on different, parallel timelines.
    • This question on the Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders Blog considering what happens to poor Sweetie Belle on the Vocational Death Cruise, particularly due to how unfunny that turns out.
    • At the end of Time Out With Doctor Whooves' Halloween special, Discorded Whooves warns the Doctor that Ditzy will abandon him the moment he stops being useful to her. To the casual reader, this is just Dissy being his usual self, but those who know the plot of Discorded Whooves thus far will realize that Dissy is speaking from his own experiences with his version of Ditzy.
    • Ask King Sombra's "musical revolution" becomes a lot less funny when its revealed that hundreds of innocent ponies and wolves died, and Sombra's sickeningly selfish reaction to the carnage he directly caused.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Discussed in Ask Genie Twilight. Now that Twilight is a Genie, she's naturally going to outlive all her friends except for Spike and the Princesses. This implication is actually fully explored in the tumblr, and Twilight ultimately decides eternal life will be workable since she'll always have Spike, at least.
  • Jerk Ass Woobie: Discorded Whooves. He's a womanizing, alcoholic, sarcastic and physically abusive asshole, but as the story unfolds and we see into his mindset (mainly how he's filled to the brim with deep self-loathing, and his attitude is essentially his way of coping with a world that, in his Discorded mind, has abandoned him), and you can't help but pity him.
    • Twixie Genies Twilight. At first she acts like a Jerkass Genie to Trixie, ultimately tricking her into becoming a genie as well...because after a real Jerkass Genie who turned Twilight into a genie in the first place, she was left alone in the cave it happened in for months and turned Trixie into a genie because she couldn't take the loneliness anymore.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The now retired Prince Blueblood blog.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • When Chubbie Pinkie Pie fired Chubbie Rainbow Dash out of a cannon, blogs everywhere started having Chubbie Rainbow Dash zoom past their blog's character in the middle of something. Then Bwobbyquest happened, and essentially knocked the meme for six.
    • Misty the Wonderbolt's hoodie inspired a fair few reactions.
    • Pictures wishing the mod of Filly Twilight a happy birthday dominated dashboards of tumblr users for days on end.
    • Any time Lil-Miss-Rarity does more or less anything at all, a Mexican Wave of reactions springs up.
  • Memetic Sex Goddess: JJ's Molestia, of course.
    • Whereas Discord Whooves seems to be her Spear Counterpart in this regard. Though when you put them together, it's rather clear who the winner is...
    • Even the MOD of Discord Whooves has been deemed this (as seen here) for being a (possible) bishonen, pansexual, and being very, very open about discussing sexual topics on his mod blog. The fact that he blurs out his face in every pic he posts makes him even more appealing to many.
  • Moe: Sweetie Belle of AskTheCrusaders. Losing her fur during the Vocational Death Cruise somehow made her even more irresistibly adorable. See for yourself
  • Narm: A lot of grimdark blogs try way too hard, Lil' Miss Rarity being a key one.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Pretty much any blog post with Pinkamena in it.
    • Most Grim Dark blogs, as a matter of fact.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Lots of Grimdark versions of lovable characters from the show, like Pinkamena and Lil' Miss Rarity.
    • Meanie Belle parodies this, as does Grimdark Big Mac.
    • One of Ask Pun's writers apparently views the Mane Six this way. Which pissed off pretty much the entire readership.
  • Squick: The Grim Dark blogs tend to have tons of this.
    • In Ask a Bishonen Pony, Dusk Shine says that he likes eating grass. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that he's a human in the blog.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Ask Ruby Pinch, My Little Cubbies and Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie are some of the most well known "so adorable it hurts" blogs.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Dethklop turned down the chance to perform at the Royal Wedding on the grounds that weddings are not metal. It's also why Luna skipped the wedding: she'd only attend if Dethklop played.
    • Discorded Whooves for some. Some felt the tumblr could have been so much better which Whooves being like The Doctor was in 'The Waters of Mars' or 'The Snowman', but instead he's written as being a complete Jerk Ass that seems to have the power to get two mares around his hoof. It doesn't help that when people try to suggest some new ideas to the mod, she reacts negatively.
    • Miss Twilight Sparkle for some. Because it was originally a stand alone tumblr, some felt the story of her recovery during her suicide attempts was solid. But following the mod's collaborations with Discorded Whooves, the tumblr has become rather despised. It doesn't help that Dissy only makes her get worse, all while in Motherly Scootaloo it gives the idea that she's getting better..
  • Tough Act to Follow: Many of the Cupcakes!Pinkie suffer form this, doesn't help they also Follow the Leader.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Miss Twilight Sparkle. She's primarily has half of the Dissy fanbase dislike her due to either being irrelevant to the plot of the entire blog, or just not being Derpy. It doesn't help with the Unfortunate Implications surrounding her character being in love with the Doctor despite how unstable he is (and apparently Not knowing about Derpy) and the creator of the tumblr, Princess Marshmallow is friends with Jitter Bug Jive, leading to some to believe the two characters paired up because of this.
  • Villain Sue: Harpoon. The character's sole reason for existence is apparently to attack established canon and fan characters, effortlessly curbstomp them, and then brutally rape/murder them. He never loses, and whenever someone objects to this or dares to criticize him for being so overpowered, his creator throws a tantrum at the "offender". The blog has recently been put down.
    • Except that it is now no longer gone; the blog has returned (With a team of writers/artists, no less) with a supposedly 'improved' version of the character. He -still- has not been 'beaten', he is -still- a sadistic bastard, and he is -still- extremely overpowered; see Pendleton Dreadful's Blog to see what is going on with him now, as that blog's story is very much intertwined with the character; it's starting to feel like he's shilling Harpoon at this point.
      • Harpoon is, as has been revealed, capable of messing up all kinds of energy except for kinetic. Does that mean he can just disrupt the life energy of anyone he's near? He's also, as of the latest entry in Pendleton Dreadful's story, mutilated Pendleton's wife and unborn son. Some might feel it's pushing into Only the Author Can Save Them Now territory, especially since the reveal of Harpoon's powers. With the story's end, it took a route like something out of Dragon Ball Z, but ended with a whimper rather than a bang.
    • Onyx from Ask Princess Sparkle. Let us go down the list: Dark, horrifying, and brutal villain shoehorned into a family friendly blog? check. Kills presented in a cruel, exploitative manner clearly meant to shock and repulse the viewer? check. The protagonist, who has fought and defeated at least three godlike villains much worse than this guy, scared shitless of him to the point that the mere thought of having to face him head on without the Elements makes her break down crying? Check. defeats the most powerful character in the setting? Check. Can negate the Elements, something no other villain in the series has been able to do? Check. Its so bad that a good number of people have already begun to guess how this will end. Word of God has mitigated some of this on their Mod Blog, but it's easy to see why some people feel he's one of these.
  • The Woobie: Coffee Talk from the Ask King Sombra blog. She's been kidnapped by King Sombra and forced to host his talk show (he's that crazy) when all she wanted to do was report on the Crystal Empire (she's a reporter). Not only does she have to put up with Sombra's craziness, it's revealed that King Sombra was blown to bits by the Crystal Heart after absorbing Coffee Talk in his shadow form, and now both of them are trapped inside his imagination in the horn fragment that was sent flying by the explosion, and Coffee Talk may be trapped forever. Worse yet, the Princesses are aware of her predicament but incapable of actually helping her. As if all that isn't enough, she runs into a part of Sombra's mind that gives her a Breaking Lecture. The poor girl just can't catch a break!

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