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YMMV: Ascendancy
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Despite each species having their own unique background story, none of it affects the current game.
  • Stop Helping Me!: The iOS port includes features not present in the PC version, such as auto-build and auto-research. As can be expected these can be a crapshoot, as the AI likely has no idea what you want and will just follow a pre-programmed build/research path. You also can finally save and load ship templates. Unfortunately, the game automatically upgrades all the systems in the template to their latest version, meaning you still have to tweak the ship systems after loading the template. So if you happen to like the extemely-long range of the Plasmatron gun over its more powerful but shorter-range "upgraded" versions, tough luck. Also, if during battle, you accidentally tap the "auto-move" button instead of "next battle turn" (they're very close together and look similar), then your ship will be on automatic for the rest of the game turn, which could very easily lead to you losing a ship and/or planet.

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