* AwesomeMusic:
** In the pilot episode, Doom gets the chaingun from a fallen soldier. Cue a remixed version of the already awesome Doom's main theme.
** "[[Music/{{Rammstein}} Feuer Frei!]]" plays at some point in "No Backing Down".
** There're, of course, plenty scenes where the music of past Quakes (especially VideoGame/QuakeII and VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena) are playing.
* FunnyMoments:
** In "The Amulet", Doom teams up with Mynx in order to challenge both Sarge and Ranger in Clan Arena mode. Cue to this brief scene once they jumped the first jumppad:
---> '''Mynx''': ''Watch my back.''\\
'''Doom''': ''Nice.''\\
'''Mynx''': ''I've heard that.''
** Some seconds later, Doom paints a pair of tits in a wall with his Lightning Gun.
* HilariousInHindsight: The idea of the different warriors having their own abilities. Apparently, ''Creator/IdSoftware'' [[VideoGame/QuakeChampions was taking notes]].
* MomentOfAwesome: In "Scrimmage", after [[spoiler:Doom getting Xaero at his feet]].
--> ''"I've learned this in HELL!"''
* NightmareFuel: Some deaths are very gruesome, and seeing how the warriors get reconstructed will grant nightmares to a lot of people.
* TooGoodToLast: Achieving a CultClassic status among the Quake fandom, only one 10-episode season and a small part of the second were created before the project got cancelled.