YMMV / Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

  • Older Than They Think: A quiz show with an elementary school theme? WinTuition did it first.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The syndicated version, or at least Season 1 of it.
  • What an Idiot:
    • Look no further than the show's first ever contestant, a UCLA American History graduate, who didn't know Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached and thought Columbus Day was celebrated in September! He walked with $5,000, not answering a single question without one of his cheats.
    • The first contestant on the program to "flunk out" with $0, Pat Germano, did so on the first question when he went straight for a 3rd grade question, and got a multiple choice question asking what "biosphere" we live in (Correct Answer, C) Troposphere). He uses his Copy, but his classmate got the question wrong, ending the quiz and sending him home broke. He returned as the first classmate in a "Flunkout" edition, and, when restarting the game, goes one grade level higher than what he lost out on. Jeff was quick to chide him pushing his luck a second time when he should have learned and started with the "little green ones at the bottom" (The 1st Grade questions, which are easy). He flunks out on the first question again.
    • Ashley McCohn also flunked out on her first question, but the producers seemed to like her personality enough to force Wayne Brady to come in and invite her to appear on sister show Don't Forget The Lyrics. There, she did a little better, but faced a similar fate on the $10,000 level when she picked a category containing Title Theme Tunes she had never heard of.
    • One contestant didn't know how "vowel" is spelled when the question was how many consonants in that word. She thought it was "voul".
    • Kellie Pickler. Oh sweet baby Jesus, Kellie Pickler.
    • 352 feet in a yard?!
    • Another contestant horrifically flubs the first question (1st grade health), which asks if the esophagus connects the mouth to the nose (It actually connects the mouth to the stomach). The guy answers true and he is a freaking pre-med student! If it weren't for the Save, he would have been eliminated on the very first question. Of course, the host takes a jab at him by saying "Thank god you are not my doctor!" and "Did you go to any of your pre-med classes while you were there?"
    • This contestant, when asked "What planet in our solar system takes the least amount of time to orbit the Sun?", said that the Moon did because we see it every night.
    Contestant: I'm gonna go with the Moon. I'm gonna lock in the Moon. answer 
    • One contestant early in the syndie run, Charity Cabico, was relatively lousy with her test, missing the first two questions and needing to be Saved on the third one note , but her final question, a 1st grade question, asked for a continent, and she gave them, "The United States". This resulted in her only winning a $250 gift card since she had no money, and the "Bonus" question was never played note 
    • June 23, 2015: Spin instructor Ryan, who graduated from NYU with a 4.0 GPA, loses on his second question (2nd Grade Spelling) - "How many times does H appear in 'The eighth letter of the alphabet'?", answering that H appears four times in said phrase.
    • July 28, 2015: Another contestant (an attorney) flunks the first question (1st grade spelling) when asked which month alphabetically follows November. Her answer? September.
    • September 1, 2015: Yet another contestant (a paleontologist) wipes out on the first question (1st Grade Grammar) after saying that only 3 letters needed to be capitalized in the sentence "On her birthday, Angela went hiking with Lauren & her dog, Spike."