YMMV / Arcadiarika

  • Continuity Lock-Out: Several liveblogs do require reading my previous past liveblogs in order to get the reference or in-joke. Just as an example, the liveblog of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Power Rangers Samurai had me quip that I can never be broken, a reference to my speech to Idiosy in The Prayer Warriors: Attack of the Sphinx/The Titans Strike Back liveblog, and me making a list for a drinking game, similar to the Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers liveblog.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During the liveblogging of The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part I, I said, "Hey, Noah, it's never too late for you to write a Take That fanfic "featuring" your brother." In The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II, he wrote a (sadly deleted) bonus chapter in which it's exactly what I advised: a Take That fanfic "featuring" his brother. Later, he did write a true Take That! fanfic: The Player Worriers.
    • In The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II, when Noah broke into Thomas' account, I asked him why he didn't delete the stories when he had the chance. Come May 2012, he deleted the stories and wrote his parody, The Player Worriers, in their place.
    • A twofer: in the My Little Eye liveblog, I speculated that one of the actors from there would appear in the Gokaiger adaptation. And then, a few years later, I made a crack fic liveblog of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Power Rangers Samurai, where that actor, there named "Sean", transformed into Gokai Yellow, and one of the themes was "never leave your roles". Guess who ends up as one of the many cameos in Power Rangers Megaforce, the second part of which will be partially based on Gokaiger, literally a few days after finishing the latter liveblog?
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: Unfortunately taken literally with The Prayer Warriors liveblogs—especially when the page for the fic itself was added, and a lot of people seem to add stuff only based on what I liveblog. (Note that even though there were some hints of this throughout the liveblogging career, I never made a big deal out of it until The Prayer Warriors.)
  • Rooting for the Empire
    • In the liveblog of Pooh's Adventures of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, I end up rooting for the villains to beat Winnie and his friends.
    • In the liveblog of My Little Eye, I wanted Matt to beat the hell out of jerkass Rex. I got my wish. Eventually, aside from that, I ended up rooting for the character because of how awesome he was portrayed. Except for that one little detail he once tried to do with Emma; even I stated that I couldn't defend it.
    • Throughout the three-part Prayer Warriors liveblogs, I wanted the villains to beat the titular Prayer Warriors. At first, The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II was an exception, because I actually ended up not cheering for anyone due to the way the villains were acting, declaring the entire series to feel akin of tasting like dirt. Then it's played straight again with the bonus chapter, in which the Prayer Warriors get what they deserved. To the point of declaring the alternate ending canon! Then again, it's already canon anyway, as far as Jerremy's death went.