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YMMV: Arcadia
  • Critical Research Failure: Alessandro's big cat form is called a "panther". Panthers are not a separate species, though, but a name for black jaguars and leopards. He also purrs, which is something big cats are uncapable of. Could be justified by saying that the big cat forms of the Carnevares don't correspond to real species of animals 100%. The Alcantaras' snake forms are described as having heads the size of a crocodile's, so this is pretty likely.
    • Adders and vipers are treated like two different things when they aren't.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The only two lesbian characters are the only ones in the entire book who smoke pot.
    • Not in the books itself, but regarding the cover: Of course, covers don't necessarily represent the protagonist, but who thought it was a good idea for a book about a rape victim to sport a cover depicting a naked young woman with covered eyes getting strangled by a snake?
    • Judging by what Stefania did, it is better to shoot oneself than to go into therapy.

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