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YMMV: Ar Tonelico 2
Ar Tonelico 2

  • Breather Boss / Zero-Effort Boss: Dueling with bosses and Reyvateils-only battles appear to be not as hard as they look.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Almost any time the hymns come out. The first appearance of METHOD_REPLEKIA/. is a good example. There are more examples than could be easily listed here.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Cocona is arguably the most popular Vanguard in the series and Gust seems to have predicted this so they intentionally hinted her return in the next Ar tonelico...wait does this makes Gust a Magnificent Bastard?
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: If doujinshi is anything to go by, Croix/Jacqli is the main one. And, more often than not, Cloche and Luca get paired with each other.
  • Foe Yay: Targana and Croix, especially after seeing the flashback at Dive Pier.
  • Fridge Brilliance: What's the deal with Cocona creating a fireball and throwing it with one of her attacks? She's a Reyvateil and said fireball is the most basic attack spell for Reyvateils
  • Fridge Logic: Despite the fact that Cloche is part of the group that oppressed and did horrible things to the I.P.Ds while Luca is the one that seems to care for them and cure and saved them, they start a fanclub for Cloche instead. It makes sense in terms of game mechanics, as Cloche is the only one capable of using Replekia, which draws on the powers of the I.P.Ds.
  • Game Breaker: The Replekia system, which rapidly accelerates the Song Magic's Burst charging speed. The speed increase is proportional to how many IPD's are in the Fan Club.
    • Made even worse if you get Jacqli's combo magic. Hello, 1,000,000% (or maybe even 10,000,000%) Phantasmagoria. Meet the Big Bad.
      • Sadly, this is also actually breaks the game - a too high Percentage can cause a Buffer Overflow, which ends up healing the enemy you tried to out-laser.
      • Sadly, there is a cap to how much damage can be gained from Burst, which can be easy obtained during a one turn Replekia. Not that it really matter since Replekia + ANY combo magic will end ANY battle and Replekia in general is overkill anyways.
    • Some of the more powerful IPD equips also count, particularly the one's that have the Guard+ skills. With Guard+++ or Guard++++ , getting Perfect guards, which nullifies damage taken by the vanguard and Reyvateil, becomes easy. Many of these more powerful IPD equip abilities comes fairly late in the game, however.
    • Even more broken than Replekia are the healing songs, especially Luca's since her's is stronger than Cloche's and, unlike Jacqli's, starts with the revive effect. She also gains access to abilities like critical heals earlier as well. Healing songs are capable of reviving and healing the entire party to full or almost full health every turn by the 2nd turn, essentially making you immortal. With this, you can even defeat level 9 I.P.D. as early as level 20 or below. Replika + Synchronicity Chain for overkill or simply let your Vanguards slowly end the battle.
  • Les Yay: "I joined the Fan Club after having naughty fantasies of Cloche." And that's a mild one.
    • There's also Skycat's tendency to flirt with Luca whenever she has the chance.
    • Two words: Softly Sexy.
    • Luca and Cloche in general have lesbian vibes coming off at numerous points, with even the boxart depicting them embracing.
      • They have by far the closest and most developed relationship, to the point where you can say the entire game is about them getting to understand each other. This is largely due to their roles, positions, and history but no matter how much logic you can try to use to explain their relationship, many fans will automatically take it as Les Yay. Oh, and despite the fact that part of the development of their relationship is fighting over Croix.
    • Infel is waiting for a princess on a white horse. It turns out to be Nenesha, whose death hit her so incredibly hard that she tried to bring her back, then sing Sublimation together.
      • To add on, the official setting materials state that when they were alive, only Nenesha could understand Infel, and that they even lived together. However... it just calls them friends.
  • The Scrappy: Luca is hated by many fans because she manipulates Croix into becoming a knight so that she can use his position to search for her lost sister, though the point of her Character Development is that she grows out of her selfish and manipulative behavior and becomes genuinely kind.
    • Cloche also have her share of haters (though on a less personal level) due to being stuck up, self-centered, and knowingly but reluctantly went along with spreading the I.P.D virus, capturing, experimenting, and using the victims for war, ultimately killing many of them in addition to the victims of their rampage. The fact that both of them have glaring intentional faults for the sake plot and character development is probably why many fanboys prefer Jaquli.
  • They Just Didn't Care: There are, unfortunately, visible mistakes and outright failures to do any translation at all in text that pops up frequently in Metafalica. Additionally, over half of the Japanese voice work was deleted from the North American release of the game despite there being plenty of space on the disc to accommodate it all, perhaps to mask the incompleteness of the dub (not dubbing the Synchronity Chain shout, when we've just listened to them saying the phrase before the Chain starts? SERIOUSLY?). The worst part of it? NIS America's official response to the Game-Breaking Bug listed under Timed Mission was "Level grind until you can take off 80 percent of her HP in 3 rounds, or kill her in 3 rounds".
    • Thankfully, most of the worst issues seem to be fixed in the official EU release, although it still does not seem to be absolutely 100% stable. One can hope the corrected version will be released in the US, as well.
  • Tear Jerker: when Luca and Cloche find out that they are in fact long-lost sisters.
    • Also, Reisha's death.
  • The Woobie: Frelia and Shun/Enja. And the rest of the people in the 2nd tower, up to and including the Anti-Villain Big Bad.

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