YMMV: Apocalypse


  • Awesome Ego: The most gloriously hammy and Shakespearian of all the X-Men villains. Its rare indeed for a story featuring the character to go by without him -rightly- bragging about his awesome power or invincibility, or references to notions like triumph or eternity in relation to himself.
  • Complete Monster:
    • An Ancient Egyptian who gained his powers from Celestial technology, En Sabah Nur ("The First One"), better known as Apocalypse, is one of the oldest, and one of the most evil, mutants in existence. Believing that the strong must dominate the weak, Apocalypse aims to test humanity. Those who survive the process will be allowed to live as his servants, those who fail, die. Apocalypse has a history of granting powers to other unscrupulous individuals, transforming Nathaniel Essex into the mad genetecist Mister Sinister (in exchange for Sinister agreeing to unleash a plague that would exterminate most of humanity), and empowering terrorist leader Moses Magnum, in exchange for the latter winnowing out the strong from the weak. His other crimes include, infecting the infant Cable with a technorganic virus, turning Cable's clone, Stryfe, into the monster he is today; trying to force humanity to reduce its own population by ninety percent or face the wrath of another metaplague; and effectively killilng Stryfe by bodyjacking him. That's without getting into the Bad Future, where he rules most of the world and has effectively run it into the ground, or the Age of Apocalypse timeline, where he devastated North America with nuclear weapons, reduced the human population by purges, and gave free reign to likeminded psychopaths Sinister, Holocaust, and Mikhail Rasputin, effectively destroying civilization. Believing wholeheartedly that those he considers weak must be slain, Apocalypse is well-deserving of his name.
    • X-Men (the 90s animated series): He is a would-be mutant conqueror who despises everything that isn't him and fancies himself a God. In his first appearance he builds a machine designed to take away people's free will and make them his slaves. He tricks four self-loathing mutants, including Warren "Angel" Worthington, into believing this machine will cure them of being mutants, preying on their feelings of inadequacy to subject to them to a painful process of transformation them into his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Apocalypse then orders his Horsemen to go on a rampage across the globe. Rogue was able to free Angel from Apocalypse's control with her Power Absorption abilities, but Angel was a mentally unstable wreck after that experience. In his next appearance, Apocalypse creates a plague designed to wipe out most humans and mutants. This plague furthers tensions between humans and mutants, with some humans blaming mutants for it and creates a Bad Future, where several mutants are dying from this plague. Later Apocalypse manages to get hold of some time travel technology and uses it to travel to the Axis of Time, a interdenominational area that controls time itself and plans on destroying the time stream and reality itself, so he can recreate it in his own image.
    • X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse: Apocalypse is once again presented as a extremely cruel Social Darwinist. Apocalypse starts the game by conquering Genosha, locking all the Genoshan mutants in a makeshift prison so he can test them for harmonic DNA, a particular DNA type that will increase his own power. When the X-Men come to liberate Genohsa, Apocalypse attempts to destroy the Genoshan Sea Wall, which would have killed almost every mutant in Genosha. After Genosha is liberated, the X-Men track Apocalypse's forces to the Savage Land, where they attempt to destroy the technology that keeps the Savage Land in tropic temperatures; this would result in the inhabitants of the Savage Land freezing to death. Later Apocalypse manages to conquer New York City, dropping a bomb that flattens several neighborhoods, just to make room for his tower. Apocalypse again imprisons the mutants and tests them for harmonic DNA, while having his forces attempt to drive the human refugees into the sea, setting up anti-aircraft guns to prevent anyone from rescuing them. Apocalypse is such a powerful and cruel foe that the X-Men and the Brotherhood team up to stop him.
  • Magnificent Bastard: He has successfully brainwashed numerous heroes into doing his bidding, including Angel, Wolverine and even the normally uncontrollable Incredible Hulk. He is so smart and powerful and has such advanced technology that he was able to take Loki prisoner, has defeated Dracula in battle (and before that, when Dracula was slain in battle back when he was a mortal, it was Apocalypse who defeated and killed him), and has canonically taken over the planet multiple times in numerous parallel universes. Apocalypse has cheated death on numerous occasions, turned entire nations against themselves and each other, and has received the worship of humans, mutants and even a faction of the alien Skrulls. He has outfought and outwitted aliens, immortals, vampires and gods, defied the time-travelling warlord Kang The Conqueror who had travelled back to ancient Egypt to recruit him in his youth, and once came perilously close to stealing the power of twelve of the most powerful mutants on the planet which would have made him The Omnipotent. He is one of the most rightly hated and rightly dreaded enemies of the X-Men and many other groups of heroes and villains, and he is not remotely intimidated as nobody has ever been able to permanently kill him.
  • Memetic Loser: Apocalypse has been considered this in some circles due to how many times he gets beaten by weaker mutants such as Magneto, being manipulated by the Celestials and his reliance on their tech, and his relative unimportance in the grand scheme of things compared to other villains like Thanos or Ultron. In the House of M continuity, he even cowers before Black Bolt and gets vaporized by a whisper from him. Thanos, in comparison, takes a full-on scream from Black Bolt in Infinity and only gets his armor destroyed and a couple gashes.