YMMV / Apocalypse


  • Awesome Ego: The most gloriously hammy and Shakespearian of all the X-Men villains. It's rare indeed for a story featuring the character to go by without him -rightly- bragging about his awesome power or invincibility, or references to notions like triumph or eternity in relation to himself.
  • Cant Unhear It: The Apocalypse of the 90s animated series is by far the most popular incarnation of the character, thanks to a truly epic performance with what feels like every line from voice actor John Colicos, and subsequent adaptations like the Apocalypse of X-Men: Evolution and even the 2016 X-Men: Apocalypse film have felt the shadow of John Colicos's Apocalypse hang over them. And while it doesn't quite reach The Character Died with Him levels, few discussions of Apocalypse are without at least one lament of Colicos's 2000 death.
  • Complete Monster: Most versions of the guy qualify, given his status as a genocidal Social Darwinist.
  • Magnificent Bastard: He has successfully brainwashed numerous heroes into doing his bidding, including Angel, Wolverine and even the normally uncontrollable Incredible Hulk. He is so smart and powerful and has such advanced technology that he was able to take Loki prisoner, has defeated Dracula in battle (and before that, when Dracula was slain in battle back when he was a mortal, it was Apocalypse who defeated and killed him), and has canonically taken over the planet multiple times in numerous parallel universes. Apocalypse has cheated death on numerous occasions, turned entire nations against themselves and each other, and has received the worship of humans, mutants and even a faction of the alien Skrulls. He has outfought and outwitted aliens, immortals, vampires and gods, defied the time-travelling warlord Kang The Conqueror who had travelled back to ancient Egypt to recruit him in his youth, and once came perilously close to stealing the power of twelve of the most powerful mutants on the planet which would have made him The Omnipotent. He is one of the most rightly hated and rightly dreaded enemies of the X-Men and many other groups of heroes and villains, and he is not remotely intimidated as nobody has ever been able to permanently kill him.
  • Memetic Loser: Apocalypse has been considered this in some circles due to how many times he gets beaten by weaker mutants such as Magneto, being manipulated by the Celestials and his reliance on their tech, and his relative unimportance in the grand scheme of things compared to other villains like Doctor Doom, Thanos or Ultron (for reference, those three tend to frequently menace the entire Marvel universe, while Apocalypse almost exclusively faces the X-Men and related characters) . In the House of M continuity, he even cowers before Black Bolt and gets vaporized by a whisper from him. Thanos, in comparison, takes a full-on scream from Black Bolt in Infinity and only gets his armor destroyed and a couple gashes. It doesn't help that he's easy to beat in X-Men vs. Street Fighter.
  • Screwed by the Network / Writer on Board: Fans of Apocalypse often feel like his Memetic Loser status detailed above is deliberately caused and encouraged by Marvel, due to his being the most recently created of the true Big Bad characters, and thus having the least in-house fans. Compare Apocalypse's history to that of similarly corny but much longer-running villains like Dr. Doom (who was given a starring-role as the "God Emperor" of Secret Wars (2015) or Magneto (who has enjoyed many starring roles over the years and is almost an officially-sanctioned Draco in Leather Pants at this point). Notably, 2016's X Men 92, one of the few runs in modern history to use Apocalypse well (thanks to writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims being 90s kids who grew up on the character), was Screwed by the Network and given a 10-issue cap.