YMMV / Anthem

    Video Game 
  • Broken Base: The very nature of the game has split the fanbase. Many fans point out that this game seems to be a departure from the usual BioWare fare, being an online multiplayer "looter-shooter." Some are very unenthusiastic, with many pointing out that the studio made a name for themselves with single-player, story-driven, RPG games. Others are fine with the game, pointing out that BioWare are allowed to experiment with new kinds of games and have no obligation to keep making the same games over and over, and that making new products will stop them from getting creatively stagnant.
  • Counterpart Comparison: Many people have been referring to this game as "Destiny meets Horizon Zero Dawn."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: From the gameplay reveal, Kim has become a power-levelling Memetic Badass in the eyes of the fandom.
  • Fan Nickname: "Attack on Titanfall".
  • Memetic Mutation: Kim needs the XP.Explanation 
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The Gameplay footage shown in the reveal looks absolutely stunning, to the point that many people are anticipating a graphical downgrade of some kind before the game comes out.