YMMV / Anonymous

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The movie is this for many historical figures.
    • William Shakespeare was an uncouth, foul, egotiscal buffoon and murderer of Christopher Marlowe.
    • Queen Elizabeth I was not the Virgin Queen but a sex-hungry despot who had so many bastard kids she lost track of them and ended up banging one of them.
    • Edward de Vere was the true author of Shakespeare's plays, a tortured artist who wrote in secret because of his puritanical family, and the child and incestuous lover of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • At one point Edward De Vere plucks a red-and-white Tudor rose from a bush and admires its beauty. There is no such thing as a Real Life Tudor rose; it's a heraldic symbol of the unification of England under The House of Tudor after the Wars of the Roses.
    • Anything and everything involving the chronology of the events involved- see Artistic License History.
    • In the film, Shakespeare's peers are baffled at the idea of a play written entirely in verse. In that time period, however, every play was written mostly or entirely in verse, and Shakespeare himself only ever wrote oneRichard II—that was entirely in verse.
  • Genius Bonus: The film can be pretty hard to understand without some prior knowledge of Shakespeare and his time period, due to the Anachronic Order of the plot. Granted, the more you know about Shakespeare and Elizabethean England, the more holes you'll see in the film, though that could be considered a genius bonus of a different type.