YMMV / Anonymous

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The movie is this for many historical figures.
    • William Shakespeare was an uncouth, foul, egotiscal buffoon and murderer of Christopher Marlowe.
    • Queen Elizabeth I was not the Virgin Queen but a sex-hungry despot who had so many bastard kids she lost track of them and ended up banging one of them.
    • Edward de Vere was the true author of Shakespeare's plays, a tortured artist who wrote in secret because of his puritanical family, and the child and incestuous lover of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • At one point Edward De Vere plucks a red-and-white Tudor rose from a bush and admires its beauty. There is no such thing as a Real Life Tudor rose; it's a heraldic symbol of the unification of England under The House of Tudor after the Wars of the Roses.
    • Anything and everything involving the chronology of the events involved- see Artistic License History.
    • In the film, Shakespeare's peers are baffled at the idea of a play written entirely in verse. In that time period, however, every play was written mostly or entirely in verse.
  • Genius Bonus: The film can be pretty hard to understand without some prior knowledge of Shakespeare and his time period, due to the Anachronic Order of the plot.