YMMV: Annihilation

  • Complete Monster: Annihilus becomes this. No longer content with ruling the Negative Zone, Annihilus leads an army of insect monsters out in the galaxy in what is aptly termed The Annihilation Wave, consuming whole star systems and devouring worlds. Implementing ghastly tactics like having worlds and their people broken down for fuel on board his Harvesters, Annihilus's attacks make the Skrulls an endangered species and cause the extinction of many other races. After brutally murdering the hero Quasar, Annihilus even succeeds in having Galactus captured and uses his energy to fuel his superweapons with which he has one goal: to obliterate everything that lives and reign over the void.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "And that is how we do things in the Racooniverse."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Drax the Destroyer before his mini series that lead into the event and his appearances was not nearly as popular or well known.
  • First Installment Wins: While there had been many Crisis Crossovers after this one in the cosmic Marvel series, fans still agree that Annihilation is the best yet.
  • Mary Sue: Wraith in Annihilation: Conquest he wears all black, rides a (black) space motorcycle, fights with a (black) whip, and comes from a conveniently forgotten off shoot of the Kree (who also wear all black) that are so hardcore that only pain is intense enough to make them feel anything because the (black) parasite that makes them immortal also eats their immortal souls. It gets better, the Phalanx (a race of emotionless robotic parasites) are afraid of him. Torture makes him laugh. It's like Marvel hired a emo 14-year-old to write for them.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Quasar's death isn't pretty.
    • Bugs, crawling around under your skin, controlling your actions.
  • Tearjerker: The death of Gabriel the Air-Walker.