YMMV / Animal Planet

  • Fandom Rivalry: Animal Planet vs the newer Nat Geo Wild, which is a spinoff channel of National Geographic Channel centered around animals. It doesn't help that many haters of the formers Network Decay have gone to the latter.
  • Franchise Original Sin:
    • While shows such as Animal Cops are well-liked in general they showed signs of the reality shows to come.
    • Similarly, the mockery and vitriol against the mockumentaries and cryptozoology based shows tends to paint these works as being new creations that were added as a desperate grab for ratings. In actuality, the network had plenty of cryptozoology and mockumentary-style shows long before Lost Tapes or anything like that aired—Animal X and Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real come to mind. What's even more bizarre is that the latter was incredibly popular and well loved by the fanbase...and the nigh identical Mermaids: The Body Found was mocked and criticized.
  • Network Decay:
    • The show's decreased its focus on wild animal documentaries (and to a lesser extent, Animal Planet Heroes) and shifted more towards Tastes Like Diabetes shows about cute puppies, slightly-linked to animal shows such as Tanked that would be more at home on Discovery, shows about crazy tree huggers like Whale Wars and "Blonde vs. Bear", supernatural-themed shows like Lost Tapes, "The Haunting" and "Finding Bigfoot" that are usually full of Narm but can occasionally veer into Nightmare Fuel, and shows that outright demonize animals such as Infested or Fatal Attractions. About the only show that would fit right in with the old Animal Planet paradigm is River Monsters.
    • They now have a show called 'Ice Cold Gold', which is about American gold-miners trying to find gold in Greenland. No animals in sight. They also now have Wild West Alaska, which is about nothing but custom guns and shooting 'killer' bears.
    • They also added Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters to the mix, which is pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Though, it seems to have gotten quickly axed shortly after appearing, possibly due to a backlash against it.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Animal Planet hates animals" based on their rampart Network Decay, and the few shows that still focus on animals usually paint them in a less than flattering light.
    • The network executives are quickly gaining a reputation for all being cat people, as their weekend lineups are pretty much all dedicated to cat focused shows as of 2015. note 
  • Never Live It Down: Their Network Decay has become quite a bit prime Snark Bait on the internet, especially with their shows that don't even attempt to shoehorn animals in, even slightly.