YMMV: Angels & Airwaves

  • Awesome Music: A good deal of the catalogue, primarily "The Adventure".
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: One on We Don't Need To Whisper: "It Hurts", an angsty Breakup Song that's also out of left field compared to the rest of the album.
    • Jumping Rooftops off of I-Empire at that.
    • Anomaly off of The Dream Walker. While a great song, it's pretty different from the rest of the album.
  • Broken Base: Any music after I-Empire. Heck, even any music after We Don't Need To Whisper. How about AVA's status as a multimedia project as opposed to just being a regular band? Heck, this is a band lead by the lead singer of blink-182, which means the Broken Bases for both bands intermingle. Let's just leave it at that.
    • Atom's departure and adding Ilan Rubin to the lineup. Ilan Rubin is well regarded as a drummer, overall musical talent and a nice guy to boot, but Atom was with the band since its inception. Understandably, people would be attached to him. The circumstances of Atom leaving were amicable (he still does stuff on occasion with Tom's shoe brand, Macbeth and he's chummy with Ilan), but the reasons he leftnote  have gotten the fandom in a tizzy. There's also concern about Ilan easing into the band and taking a more active role in album production beyond just being the drummer much faster than the fandom anticipated. Again, let's just leave it at that.
    • Matt leaving: People going "Who cares? He's just the bassist!" versus the people who definitely do care, especially since Matt played a much larger role in the band besides bass, including playing synths from I-Empire onward and being involved with a lot of the band's design work. If and when he comes back, it'll likely become a non-issue.
  • Doing It for the Art: Because Tom, David, and Atom were already successful in his own right, AVA gave them freedom to do more elaborate and artsy work that wouldn't have worked with their other acts.
    • Tom, David, and Atom came directly from punk acts. Matt came directly from an act that was much more similar to AVA when it comes to the "more elaborate and artsy work" thing. Ilan and Eddie also came from more experimental acts (Ilan from Nine Inch Nails, Eddie from Thrice), Ilan even continues that trend with his own solo stuff, The New Regime.
  • Tear Jerker: Several of their songs are pretty emotional, examples being 'The Gift', 'Do It For Me Now', and 'A Little's Enough'.
    • 'Rite of Spring' can be considered this, due to being a coming of age story about Tom's life, detailing his broken childhood due to the divorce of his parents, his start with blink-182 and the eventual break up of the band, and his current status on his life. It's pretty hard hearing how Tom started, giving the vibe of him being a Jerkass Woobie, especially considering how much some fans blame him for EVERYTHING.
    • START THE MACHINE. A perfect song detailing Tom's emotions over the break-up of blink-182, it's pretty heart rendering hearing Tom singing his frustration and sadness over the event, but still wishes some closure from Mark and Travis. It does however become a Heartwarming In Hindsight when blink-182 did reunite after Tom, Mark, and Travis reconciled.
    • 'Tunnels' and 'Anomaly' off of The Dream Walker
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Initially, this was the opinion of many blink-182 fans who hoped that Angels & Airwaves would be blink-182 2.0.
    • Served with a bit of irony in that Mark and Travis's post-breakup project +44 was much closer to a blink 2.0. Fast forward a few years, blink is back together and AvA is still kicking while +44 faded out, which led to a different implementation of the trope being that some fans now consider new blink to "just be AvA with Mark and Travis".
    • The reason for AvA's Broken Base over the albums past I-Empire. The farther AVA gets from pop punk, the more complaining you're likely to see, which is par for the course for the music coming from the other band Tom is in. Even with the changes, the band still considers themselves a punk act (and never gave the impression of being a straight forward pop punk act like blink to begin with, hence the people complaining about it NOT being blink 2.0).
    • Even the likelihood of Matt coming back at some point hasn't stopped people from being very upset about him leaving the band to help raise his newest child, especially with the confusion over just who the heck is his replacement is. Eddie was officially announced as his replacement and has shown up in behind the scenes shots for the first video for the Halloween 2014 release, but Bob Bryar (previously My Chemical Romance's drummer and friend of David) tweeted a picture showing a live show setup showing him on bass and monitors. Thankfully, people have still been receptive to Eddie joining. The possibility of Bob joining? Not so much. Made even more complex with Eddie not included in The Dream Walker promotion with Tom and Ilannote  and rumblings of a Thrice reunion. Are we going to need a replacement bassist for the replacement bassist?