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YMMV: Anastasia
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Rasputin's line before singing "In the Dark of the Night:"
    "Now my dark purpose will be fulfilled, and the last of the Romanovs will DIE! *Dramatic Thunder*"
  • Memetic Mutation: Many YouTube postings of "In the Dark of the Night" come with parody lyrics featuring another villain (such as Bowser, Megatron, or Discord) in place of Rasputin.
    • The top comments for the song on YouTube have included Robotnik and King Candy.
    • And now there's...Ron Weasley's car...
    • Winnie the Pooh. Bonus points for Jim Cummings voicing Pooh and singing the song!
      • I was once the most mystical Bear in the Forest. When the Piglet betrayed me he made a mistake! My curse made each of them pay, but one little boy got away! Christopher Robbin beware, the Pooh Bear's awake!
  • Russians Love Anastasia: Anastasia was actually well received in Russia and a box office hit, since its distributors took care to market it as not history but a historical fairy tale, letting the audience watch it with a fair dose of MST3K Mantra.
  • Vindicated by History: The movie had a decent-at-best box office showing of just over $50m (equating to about $100m today), which was not exactly the blockbuster Fox was hoping for with its new animation arm. However, once released on VHS, it gained a word-of-mouth following and spent over a year consecutively on the monthly best-selling VHS charts.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: This is another one of Don Bluth's darkest films. There are moments of death, extreme violence, dark peril, Stuff Blowing Up very realistically, ghostly spirits and corpses, not to mention the death of Rasputin, involving him melting into a skeleton that crumbles into dust.

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