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YMMV: Anaksha Female Assassin
  • Complete Monster: Vincent St. Claire manages to stand out in a Crapsack World filled with Asshole Victims. Prior to the events of the game, he raped and murdered his pregnant wife Zara. in the present, he poses as a school principal to hide his criminal empire. He uses this position to sell drugs to students, in addition to running an operation to sell women into sexual slavery. Finally, he tries to blow up his school and frame Anaksha for it to get revenge on her for interfering with his crimes.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Anaksha is an in-universe example for her admirers.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Quite a few players of the Mini-Adventures love Creepy Guy, simply because he and Anaksha play off each other so hilariously well.
    • The Pyramid Cube cult was intended to be a filler mission that wasn't even part of the original story, and Arif stated that his original intent was that the cult would dissolve once its leader was killed. However, they're so insane that they attracted a huge fan following, to the point where Arif made references to them in later games.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Since every one of Anaksha's targets are already pretty far over this, the only moments in the game that really qualify for this are Sarah's family forcing her into marriage to Eamon, and the refusal of Cal and Eamon's mother to do anything to stop Sarah's Cruel and Unusual Death at the hands of both her sons.
    • Also qualifying as very low was Dale Barrymore's selling of his own thirteen-year-old daughter into marriage to a rich old man in Central Asia in order to pay off his debt to Loan Sharks.
  • Narm: Some of players mention it, particularly Tricky from Jay is Games website:
  • Nausea Fuel: Many of the crimes perpetrated by your targets are pretty disturbing, such as all the child-rapists, as well as what the Serial Killer does to people.
  • Nightmare Fuel: A lot of the shit the victims of Anaksha's targets are put through is pretty damned nightmarish.
    • All of the abusive relationships alone qualify, but Sarah's situation is in a class of its own.
    • What happened to Zara at the hands of Vincent St. Claire despite Anaksha's best efforts to stop him.
    • All the child-rapists, not only for the kids involved, but for the parents.
    • What happens to the poor girl that the four Dirty Cops take a shine to. Gangraped, framed for drug possession, and sent to prison (where she'll most likely have to deal with even worse shit) because it's her word against theirs.
    • And the less said about the Serial Killer, the better.
  • Vastly Improved Sequel: Dark Angel is considered a vast improvement by many; the characters are more well rounded, the plot is more developed and sophisticated, the Unfortunate Implications of the previous game have been addressed, and the gameplay is more sophisticated
  • The Woobie:
    • Anaksha gets separated from her parents and later tries and fails to save her friend Zara, who suffers a truly horrible fate at the hands of Vincent St. Claire.
    • Dee's mother was a drug addict and didn't care about her daughter at all and her father left when she was only two years old.
    • Jack's father is shot, and his mother goes mad after the loss of her husband.
    • Isabelle de Martini is shot by her own sister.
    • Ivonne Mozheika is an orphan who's serving as a subject to drug experiments.
    • Jessie sacrifices her life (or, at the very least, her health) for the sake of her lover.

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